12 Fun Facts About Branson, MO - Rent Branson (2023)

12 Fun Facts About Branson, MO - Rent Branson (11)

Branson, Missouri is a unique place! Branson’s status as the “Live Entertainment Capital Of The World” means you’re sure to find a fantastic experience. Even more, Branson’s rich history means there is a little something here for everyone, from amazing restaurants and beautiful scenery, to fun attractionsand fantastic shows. To satisfy all of you trivia lovers, we went and found some great fun facts about Branson, MO.

Did you know…

  1. Branson was named after postmaster Reuben Branson; before that, the town was called Lucia.
  2. Eight million people travel to Branson every year (but don’t worry – there’s room for you, too)!
  3. 65% of Branson visitors come from outside a 300-mile radius.
  4. Branson was named 3rd “Best Destination for Groups” by Bank Travel Magazine.
  5. Branson was featured on Travel Channel’s “Most Christmassy Places in America”. Plan a visit in December and you’ll see why!
  6. Branson placed no. 3 on the Top 10 Destinations list.
  7. Branson was named #1 Motor Coach Destination for 4 years straight!
  8. Branson is known as the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World” thanks to its stunning variety of live shows and events.
  9. Branson is located within a day’s drive of one-third of America’s population.
  10. Branson has over fifty theatersand 60,000 theater seats. We weren’t kidding about the live entertainment!
  11. Branson has over 400 delicious restaurants, with over 35,000 seats.
  12. On an average day, there are 100,000 visitors in Branson a day, but its population is only over 10,000.

For more fun facts about Branson visit: http://www.branson.com/learn/general-branson-info/branson-facts/and then start planning your amazing Branson vacation!

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