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17 Amazing Facts About Indonesian Cuisine - FactsofIndonesia.com (1)Indonesian cuisine does have its own distinctive taste and taste, for the Indonesian people the cuisine is a reflection of an indigenous culture that so much variety.

From Aceh to Papua have different tastes and spices, food and beverages also have different diversity. And each region has its own unique cuisine. Hence sample of fascinating facts about Indonesia literatures.

Examples of Padang cuisine is very famous and phenomenal namely rendang, become one of the typical cuisines that has a delicious taste, savory and spicy. Never mind Indonesian people even foreigners too much to love the original cuisine of Indonesia.

The development of Indonesian cuisine there are also some who take from foreign culture since the colonial era, but the cuisine is modified and still has a distinctive taste of Indonesia. Following amazing facts about Indonesia rainforest.

Here are some facts about Indonesia cuisine you need to know:

1.Indonesian Cuisine Has Typical and Unique Taste

Different Indonesian cuisines – different in each region makes the taste is different. Examples of Javanese cuisine is different from the cuisine of Sumatra, where most of the typical Javanese cuisine taste sweeter. While Sumatra is more tasty, salty and spicy.

Besides spices and herbs are combined into the cuisine also has a different principle. But for most Indonesian people who like culinary will feel delicious and delicious.

The choice of spices, spices and hereditary recipes make Indonesian cuisine distinctive and characteristic.All about unique facts about Sumatra Island.

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2.Each Region Has Different Typical Cuisine

If you are visiting Bali, you will experience delicious and delicious Balinese cuisine. Unlike when you are on holiday in Papua, you will find different dishes with different spices, herbs, and ingredients.

Each region in Indonesia does have a variety of cuisine that varies, ranging from spicy, sweet, sour sweet, savory and much more.

Not to mention the cakes and processed bread and other foods that are of course very much manifold. Certainly, many Indonesian dishes if collected from each region.

And usually the government often hold a culinary tourism center in every region in Indonesia, and you may try one by one.The bestinteresting facts of Jakarta City, Indonesia.

3.Indonesian Cuisine Many Variety

Not only refined cookery is famous in Indonesia, there are some delicious and delicious traditional cakes and snacks. Call it the risoles cake, bakwan corn, sponge layer, bika Ambon and many more. Surely each region has a distinctive cake and different snacks.

There are sweet, savory, salty, spicy and unique. Because of the many of course, you will be confused to choose which one, if you are on vacation to Yogyakarta will find bakpia cakes, spring rolls, tap, tiwul and others.

If a vacation to Sumatra will find bika Ambon, mpek – mpek, Aceh noodles, and many more variations. What is certain is a unique snacks and cakes unique Indonesian region and attract your eyes and stomach.Interesting facts about customs in Bali Indonesia.

4.Various Types of Healthy and Delicious Drinks

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In addition to food, cakes, and snacks, facts about Indonesia cuisine is different drinks. There are several types of drinks, good health drinks, fresh drinks and others that can be found in Indonesia.

Drinks such as bajigur, ice candles, coconut ice, ice dawet, sekoteng, and many others. It’s all made with special herbs, ingredients, and recipes, so the flavors and shapes are different and tasty to serve while relaxing and hanging out.

Again and again, each region has a special drink that is distinctive and interesting to try. The followinginteresting facts about Sumatra tiger.

5.Famous Indonesian Cuisine Rich Spices

Every Indonesian dish, good cake, cooking, drink and so on is rich in spices and certain ingredients. So that the taste is different from each other because Indonesia is famous for spices and materials that are easily obtained.

Examples of preparations to make rendang and sate Padang has special herbs and spices, and not necessarily you who learn it can make as good as the cuisine of the original person, the people of Padang. So the rich and abundant spices one makes Indonesian cuisine famous and tasty to try.

Hence sample ofinteresting facts about Sumatran orangutan that you should know.

6.Famous Spicy Indonesian Cuisine

For some foreigners who first visited Indonesia, tasting Indonesian cuisine is very strange and all tastes spicy. Moreover, other countries that use very little chili spice in cooking, it is somewhat different tongue Indonesian.

Proverbial if not spicy cuisine will feel bland. Therefore, Some of Indonesian people love the taste of spicy cuisine, especially sometimes people eat raw chili or as fresh vegetables every day. Interesting facts about Sumatran Rhinoceros.

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7.In Indonesia, There are many Warteg and Warung Padang

If you are traveling in Indonesia, certainly in every area found in many warteg and Padang restaurants. It has become a tradition and example of business in Indonesia about cuisine.

Examples of warteg generally provide typical Javanese cuisine and surroundings, while Padang restaurant provides all kinds of Padang cuisine that is famous for spices, processed coconut milk, and a spicy flavor.

Therefore, wherever you go will definitely find these two restaurants, so no need to be confused to find food. Because the cuisine provided is indeed a traditional cuisine of the majority of Indonesian society. Fascinating and taste offacts about Sumatran coffee.

8.Indonesian Culture, If Eat There Should Always Rice

Rice is the staple food of Indonesian society. So if you eat and no rice tastes incomplete. The culture of eating rice has been around since ancient times, and only a few people do not like rice.

Therefore, the majority of agricultural products in Indonesia are mostly produced by rice, as a staple food of Indonesians. So for other than rice a bit difficult, and yet can be replaced with other preparations.

9.Famous Rendang Cuisine in Indonesia

Rendang is a favorite and a choice of many people in Indonesia, one of the menu and also as a dish in a big holiday in Indonesia.

The cuisine is rich in herbs, spices, ingredients, and making a little complicated to make rendang a dish that should be a problem locally and also internationally.

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Many processed rendang combined with various other dishes, of course, the taste does not disappear.The followingfacts about Javanese culture that you should know.

10.Indonesian Cuisine Not Far From Sambal

Because the majority of Indonesian people are big fans of chili sauce, it can not be if every dish that will be eaten not accompanied by sambal.

Habits and traditions from the past, sambal is something that should be presented in any event. So if you eat incomplete taste if there is no sauce.

No wonder if you go anywhere – many people who ask for sauce.Interesting facts about culture and art in West Sumatra.


In addition to the above explanation, the following facts about Indonesia cuisine:

  • Indonesian people love to eat fresh vegetables, whether raw or already processed like boiled, or steamed, and added sauce.
  • Meatballs, satay, chicken noodles into food and cuisine of the people of Indonesia generally.
  • Nasi goreng is a local cuisine which is a fact of the world, many people love fried rice dishes. Incredible facts about rice in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia is also famous for its soybean tempe. Many tempe enthusiasts who are abroad who have to export tempeh as a favorite food.
  • Many Indonesian people love culinary tourism, so nowadays many new dishes with unique and delicious modifications.
  • Some Indonesian food is recycled from foreign cultural cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Dutch and others. To create new and delicious food creations.Fascinating andinteresting facts about Raja Ampat Indonesia.
  • Every authentic Indonesian cuisine must have Halal certification from Majelis Ulama Indonesia, this is in accordance with the rules of Muslim religion prevailing in Indonesia.

This the explanation of the facts about Indonesia cuisine may be an additional knowledge to know and enjoy the variety of cuisine native to Indonesia.

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What is the history of Indonesian cuisine? ›

Indonesian cuisine is influenced by Chinese cooking

As Chinese immigrants settled in Indonesia, every wave of arrival saw its traditions and recipes integrate with local culture. Even the famed nasi goreng was adopted from a Chinese tradition of frying leftover rice in the morning.

What is the most famous food in Indonesia? ›

Nasi goreng

Considered Indonesia's national dish, this take on Asian fried rice is often made with sweet, thick soy sauce called kecap (pronounced ketchup) and garnished with acar, pickled cucumber and carrots.

What are the unique characteristics of food in Indonesian cuisine? ›

Indonesian cuisine often demonstrates complex flavour, acquired from certain ingredients and bumbu spices mixture. Indonesian dishes have rich flavours; most often described as savory, hot and spicy, and also combination of basic tastes such as sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

Why Indonesian food is spicy? ›

At the beginning of the colonial era, they brought chili from South America to Indonesia and it worked, it grows well. Hence, chili plants spread throughout Indonesia. This led to Indonesians using chili in most of their foods. Chili becomes the most common ingredient in Indonesian cuisine.

Why is Indonesian food delicious? ›

It's original flavors ooze the bold use of spices, just like Indian food while the presence of coconut broth make it resemble a lot to Thai awesomeness. Indonesian curries are always flavor-loaded, brimming with the freshness of herbs and loads of spices. These contribute in giving a unique taste to Indonesian food.

What type of food do they eat in Indonesia? ›

A Guide To Indonesian Cuisine
  • Nasi – Rice.
  • Mie – Noodles.
  • Ayam – Chicken.
  • Ikan – Fish.
  • Babi – Pork.
  • Daging – Meat or Beef.
  • Sayur – Vegetable.
  • Keju – Cheese.
Jul 22, 2020

Is Indonesian food healthy? ›

The good news is that even though many Indonesian foods are unhealthy, they also have several delicious dishes that are more suitable for losing weight. The best Indonesian foods to eat are higher in protein and packed with fiber from the vegetables.

What spices are used in Indonesian cooking? ›

Turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and coriander are some of the most-used spices. Lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger, and galangal are ubiquitous. Nutmeg, native to Indonesia's Banda Islands (part of the Maluku or original Spice Islands) is usually sprinkled into Dutch-influenced dishes like macaroni schotel and risoles.

How do Indonesians eat their food? ›

How to Eat Indonesian Food | Coconuts TV - YouTube

What is the main culture of Indonesia? ›

Indonesian culture is focused around the community, with a hierarchical structure. Indonesians believe in the concept of gotong royong (mutual assistance) and mufakat (consensus), and the national motto is Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in diversity).

What type of food do they eat in Indonesia? ›

A Guide To Indonesian Cuisine
  • Nasi – Rice.
  • Mie – Noodles.
  • Ayam – Chicken.
  • Ikan – Fish.
  • Babi – Pork.
  • Daging – Meat or Beef.
  • Sayur – Vegetable.
  • Keju – Cheese.
Jul 22, 2020

How is Indonesian food prepared? ›

The most common method for preparing food is frying, though grilling, simmering, steaming, and even stewing (most often with coconut milk) are also popular. Some of the most commonly fried items are bumbu (basic spice paste), which frequently accompanies rice, and various meats such as chicken, goat, or beef.

What is Indonesian street food? ›

Indonesian street food often tastes rather strong and spicy. Much street food in Indonesia is fried, such as assorted gorengan (fritters), also nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodles) and ayam goreng (fried chicken), while bakso meatball soup, traditional soto soups and fruit rujak are also popular.


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