Cheap Flights from Portland to Kansas City from $109 | (PDX - MCI) - KAYAK (2022)

Pros: "On time!"

Pros: "Enthusiastic and honest/informative pilot"

Cons: "More cushion in exit row seats."

Pros: "Seat was average"

Pros: "The flight itself was excellent. Friendly, helpful, kind — great attendants and crew."

Cons: "The flight was delayed 4 hours. We never found out why exactly. That was a little tough but staff was great"

Pros: "Good services in anticipating our next leg"

Pros: "Boarding was very efficient. Flight attendants were helpful and kind and seemed to care."

Cons: "We booked basic seats knowing we might not sit together however we did not know they would separate children. They put my husband and I in an exit row and my daughter at the back of the plane with strangers. I was not comfortable with strangers being responsible for my child. I assumed they would seat children with at least one parent. We did ask to move at the gate and the accommodated us with the last row on the plane. No recline, no window, and right next to the bathrooms. We took it to be with our kid but this policy needs to be revised. Kids should always be seated with the adult responsible for them... who knows what kind of person might end up next to my child. Not to mention if she had needed something is the stranger gonna take care of it? It’s just a bad practice imo."

Pros: "Amazing crew"

Pros: "The crew was polite and pleasant unlike the crew from KC to Boston."

Cons: "Telling us to check bags before we get to our seat and find out there is no more room."

Pros: "Helpful crew."

Cons: "These planes are tiny. Our equipment was B717."

Pros: "Seat 4 A. The flight attendant working first class was very attent"

Pros: "Small plane without bells and whistles and no middle seats."

Cons: "The internet would not work. I couldn’t use any of the inflight entertainment."

Pros: "We had the worst flight ever on Delta flight worst Attitude of the flight attendant she was very Rude i even told her she was"

Cons: "We didn't get served nothing to drink until 45 min to kc then by then i was so dehydrated i asked for a can of pop she said NO I SAID REALLY SHE SAID DELTAS NOT IN CHARGE OF STOCKING DRINKS & SNACKS SHE HAD MORE PEOPLE' TO SERVE REALLY EVERBODY IN FRONT OF US GOT WHAT THEY WANTED SO I HAD NOTHIN AT"

Pros: "Every seat had an entertainment screen, with a variety games, movies, or flight information available."

Cons: "The flight arrived 20 minutes early (win), but we then proceeded to have to wait about 15 minutes to pull into the gate because the previous plane handing left yet."

Cons: "2nd Delta flight on the same day that was delayed. This one only 44 min."

Cons: "Seats did NOT recline, which seems to be a pretty poor planning for a red eye flight."

Pros: "Yummy snack! Funny crew member who acknowledged seats in landing position are uncomfortable. Sing songy welcoming voices :)"

Cons: "Aww. The movie I wanted to watch wouldn’t play.."

Pros: "great trip and crew"

Cons: "The airline cancelled the flight alluring weather conditions, when the reality was they did not wanted the plane to park in Kansas. The weather conditions were even worse on the flight I was moved to, and that flight was not cancelled. They absolutely did not care about the passengers"

Pros: "Direct flight on time"

Cons: "All good"

Pros: "Overall good experience"

Cons: "Plane 1hr late taking off"

Pros: "The pilot, Mr. Howes, I believe, came out and personally thanked everyone for flying Delta. It was a nice touch to see the actual pilot that was flying and me home and that he shared his gratitude. Go DELTA!!"

Pros: "Efficient and friendly"

Pros: "Movies selection were good, snacks were pretty good"

Cons: "Why make someone pay for an upgraded seat that doesn’t recline? Terrible. Also delayed the flight by an hour, no explanation, and no idea if connections would be made or not. Had to run to my connection and they almost didn’t let me on. Smh"

Pros: "I did not like anything all. But the to last agent to help me after I was send to different airlines"

Cons: "And when I get to US delta Airline ticketr did not even look at my ticket she just send to Virginia Australia make me walk all over. I know it supposed to be delta"

Cons: "We were on the tarmac for almost 2 hours. It's probably LaGuardia but the experience was very bad."

Pros: "Excellent Service."

Pros: "The entertainment was really good and the service was excellent. Flight attendants were great. Enjoyed my complimentary beverage and on time departure and arrival."

Cons: "It was hard to understand what zone was boarding. Hard to hear and understand made It impossible. And the plane seemed smaller, seats were very close to one another, and it was difficult to get comfortable. I'm not big either."

Pros: "Horrible seats. Scraped up my knees on a screwhead on the seat in front of me. Way too cramped."

Cons: "I will make it my sole purpose to let everyone I know and review this on every site. Kayak messed up our flights so badly and then would not fix them. I spent 4 hours being bounced between airlines and travel sites just to be screwed with for a mistake Kayak made and would not fix. Worst company ever!"

Pros: "ATL based crew was great. Exit row extra room as promised"

Cons: "Cheese snack purchased was not up to par. Grapes soft, almonds mealy and cheese dried out. Disappointing. New faster Wi-Fi was intermittent at best. Down for long stretches."

Pros: "Got to fly on the a brand new 737-900 and had plenty of room to fit my laptop so I could work. Friendly crew, didn't feel like a farm animal being herded on to a transport to be taken to slaughter like I do on other airlines."

Cons: "In flight WiFi was inoperable for most of the flight making it hard to work."

Pros: "It got me there in one piece. USB ports, entertainment system a good distraction."

Cons: "Terrible food, aisles too tight, seats not very comfortable. 777’s are very noisy. Visas on arrival a ridiculous disaster- 100’s of people standing in lines for over an hour while 3 people slowly stamp your passport. Know that is not the airline’s fault!"

Pros: "Easy boarding, Love to the sad that you were not nickeled and dimed while in flight they provided wonderful food and snacks. The crew so friendly and very hard working constantly there to please the passengers also having Free movies made the 5 and a 1/2 hour flight go very quickly. I fly across country frequently I will always fly Delta."

Pros: "none of it"

Cons: "It was Terrible I will never do it again"

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "Flight attendant late arriving to his job causing a 30 minute delay in boarding. Desk staff at airport seemed more interested in their own conversations than helping passengers . Fight attendants seemed uninterested in their jobs and lacked warmth. 45 minutes late arriving in Kansas City no announcements from captain"

Pros: "Crew were good, flight on time, free drinks"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "TSA Pre-check info not loaded on flight from LAX to PDX."

Cons: "Condition of the airplane"

Pros: "in economy class"

Cons: "very hard seats with not enough legroom."

Pros: "Friendliness of the staff"

Cons: "No complaints. I wish that the updates on the flight delay were a little clearer, but that's about it."

Pros: "Getting to the correct destination."

Cons: "The fact that the lack of knowledge regarding international travel visas by the counter staff and supervisor meant that two days of the vacation were lost. Upon arrival in China the 144 hour travel visa was granted with no problem within minutes, but the U.S. staff was completely befuddled by the possibility. The interrogation was completely stressful and resulted in a reschedule of the original flight and during the second attempt at flying even an email from the U.S. consulate with a link to the Shanghai/Chinese government immigration site was deemed "not official enough". i will be expecting proper compensation. I was once given an $850 travel voucher for voluntarily giving up my seat, and was flown first class to Hawaii, given 4 star accomodation and then flown first class on to China within 48 hours. This was an involuntary bump from our chosen flight time, all because of a lack of knowledge about current visa regulations and international law on the part of the check in staff. We have been loyal Delta users for over 15 years, and this was the biggest blunder ever. Also humiliating and extremely frustrating, stressful and a big problem with fulfilling our travel plans between son and father."

Pros: "The crew and the flight were all very pleasant. Highly recommended."

Cons: "Unfortunately the trip was marred by being stuck on the tarmac for the better part of an hour while we waited for out gate. Even when it became available however, we were forced to wait while ATC sent every other plain taxiing through our route which was clearly visible from our vantage point. Not an issue with Delta per se but nonetheless it left us all exhausted and frustrated."

Pros: "Professional and efficient"

Cons: "I am 5'3". My feet never touch the floor, which is quite uncomfortable after about an hour."

Pros: "No problems curling up against the bulkhead and going to sleep. Crew was very considerate about not broadcasting messages to awaken travelers during this overnight flight."

Cons: "Was a bit warm but in a full plane what can you expect?"

Pros: "Delta has a good business product. The entertainment system was good. The food was good."

Cons: "The business class crew struck me as distracted and putout to be there."

Cons: "Snacks if possible"

Pros: "I trusted Delta to take of my clients; Delta usually did. Rather, the employees of Delta did. Now when I travel, I prefer Delta (when they aren't too much more economically). Let me change that to I used to prefer Delta, because the times, they are achanging. My home airport is Atlanta, I'm usually traveling to Seattle or Portland; Delta is king in those routes. There's more flight time options, and the entertainment available is better."

Cons: "Here's where the picky comes in. I downloaded the 'Go Go" wifi app beforehand. When I tried to connect I received a message that it wasn't available on my routes. Why couldn't they tell me that it might not work on my routes before they took my money? Further, why wasn't it available? It's not like I was going on a multi city/country trip, this was Atlanta to Portland non-stop. Then there's the 'Premier Seating". I opted for it on my outbound flight and received TSA Pre Check. I didn't buy the seating coming back; I did not receive TSA Pre Check. Coincidence? My fare was more than Alaska Airlines was offering it for, I paid for the wifi that didn't work, and in order to avoid the back of the plane, you must pay. So, I guess I'll be going to Alaska Airlines. They don't have as many flights, but I don't feel dinged for more money every time I turn around."

Pros: "Long flight but smooth despite delays"

Cons: "Delayed by 2.5 hours."

Pros: "Flight was ontime taking off and arriving and was a smooth flight. Security and gate area at PDX was very easy to navigate and not too crowded."

Cons: "Seats are very tight pitch, uncomfortable. No amenities were provided. Also, I prefer Southwest-style boarding (no assigned seats)."

Pros: "I liked the leg room and assigned seating."

Cons: "More information on drinks during the flight and the charges for backpacks."

Pros: "All is great but the KC customs officers were rude and just hateful.."

Cons: "Customs officials"

Cons: "I clicked a button in error, called immediately to resolve the issue and was told that I would need to pay MORE than the flight cost to change to a different time that was an option in my initial inquiry. I was forced to buy two one way tickets one of which is the exact return flight on my abandoned round trip. If you can help me get a voucher from Frontier for my abandoned flight, that would go a long way for me to use Kayak in the future. If not, I doubt I'll be back. Very disappointed, this was the first time I had an error where I really needed help and there was none to be had."

Pros: "I'm almost to elite status after just 4 round trips. Watch for the off season sales. This trip was just 29 bucks per person. Flight crew did a decent job avoiding turbulence."

Cons: "Seats are too hard. Bring your own snacks and drinks."

Pros: "We were a little early, which was nice."

Cons: "The flight attendants spent most of the flight giggling at the front of the plane, and had to stop and restart several announcements after saying the wrong thing or having to take a break to stop laughing on the intercom. They also gave me a credit card pitch over the intercom, which was really annoying. The plane was pretty dirty, my tray was really gross with white stuff all over it, and the trash in the bathroom was overflowing, so I had to stuff my paper towel in there to get it to fit. I just wanted a cheap airline, but they split up your group unless you pay extra, and you have to pay for EVERYTHING, including any drinks or snacks. Bags were expensive. I ended up paying almost $700 on a flight that was supposed to be about $450. $21 each way per person to sit with eachother, like $50 for a single checked back each way, blah blah blah. Poor experience, and it was MORE expensive than the other flights with bags and seats included. The lines were also extremely long with only a single person at each stand in each airport."

Pros: "Very professional but friendly flight attendants. Best I’ve encountered in a long time."

Cons: "Was very crowded, trays so tiny. No leg room. Checked bag price unreasonable. Cabin hot"

Cons: "It showed in my booking that I can carry a Carryon bag but had to oay ectra 50$ for the same as only a personal item was allowed. I found the service totally unsatisfactory. The website shouldn't make false claims if they cannot adhere to it. I will definitely avoid using this for my bookings again."

Cons: "We arrived at DIA 1.5 hrs early only to find frontier lines wrapped around the entire lobby and 100 deep on the curbside check in. We finally got to the baggage counter 4 minutes after the 45 min cutoff and were told that they could not put us on the plane. The cause? SIX check in attendances failed to show up to work in retaliation for Frontier's recent outsourcing of jobs and the fact that their "Discount Den" specials, which have flights out of Denver on Sundays as low as $3.50 were taxing the staff, so they essentially boycotted. All flights back to MCI out of ALL airlines were full so we and our small children had to rent an expensive suburban and drive all night to get to work on Monday after a 12 day vacation. Absolutely the WORST travel experience we have ever had."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Wait time to taxi in Brand new luggage is ruined due to carelessness"

Pros: "The price was exceptional."

Pros: "Not one thing"

Cons: "My number one issue was the staff. Totally unhelpful and unaware of guests needs. You should not advertise frontier economy tickets to people over 6 feet tall and/or wider than a 14 year old."

Cons: "I am just astounded by the seating that Frontier is using on their aircraft. It is so uncomfortable - too small in every dimension including leg room, that it seems as though the intention is to make passengers as uncomfortable as possible. I suggest that they install the same seating at thier corporate offices and boardrooms and see how they enjoy it, even for just two hours. Disgusting."

Pros: "Comfort.. I purchased coach. Not first class. Food.. Did tried the food at all Entertainment.. My Ipad"

Cons: "I did not disliked nothing at all"

Pros: "Great crew. Very funny and enjoyable."

Cons: "They started announcing boarding almost 30 minutes before the boarding time on our boarding passes. This just added unnecessary stress as I heard the announcement as I was going through security and was very confused as I double checked my boarding pass. When I asked the woman at check in why they were boarding so early she didn't know. I guess boarding early is better than being late, but it was just a little strange because they made several announcements way before the official boarding time."

Pros: "Yes the crew is normally fine but where I feel most complaints about staff come from out front at check in and at the gate. I downloaded my pass online so I can only speak to the gat for this trip but both of the crew I felt with far more personal than normals (they actually seamed to smile). I still almost missed the flight because they forgot to actually put me on the plane even though the app gave me a boarding pass that got me past TSA. They also have new bundles that make buying a drink more worth it."

Cons: "Seats Don't recline Tray is too small seats are hard (like a sheet on a rock, padding is thin) Paying for a Carry on (even if you do pay, why is it more expensive than a check bag?) Paying for bags each way (why) Not a single employee was at the airport prior to the flight (I was there early and couldn't get help) No Wifi"

Pros: "It was cheap!"

Cons: "It was cheap. You get what you pay for... I had forgot that there were absolutely NO additional frills with this airline... You get one cup of water and absolutely nothing else. The staff was a nice as can be expected, but didn't look like anyone wanted to be there. And when my husband asked for some hot tea (thinking it would be complimentary - it was not), they got very frustrated. But I would guess they're just victims of their circumstances, so no hard feelings... Still, wouldn't recommend unless you're on an extreme budget."

Pros: "Good leg room"

Cons: "Paying extra for a carry on and no free in flight drinks/snacks"

Cons: "The flight was cancelled due to bad weather. The flight was rescheduled for two days later. The weather was great but it was also cancelled. There wasn't even an attempt by the staff to fix the problem. They were only willing to give a refund. If there isn't a flight then don't advertise it."

Pros: "On time. Friendly staff"

Cons: "Being charged for carry on bag. $4 for crackers and then expect a tip. Offer to move for inches more leg room for $50"

Pros: "Loading very efficient because few have carry on bags."

Cons: "Hard bench like seating. Everything is extra. Ended up being expensive. Was on time."

Pros: "I got to PDX alive"

Cons: "Lack of communication I went to the gate to find out my gate was changed. Got to new gate and gate was changed again. 1st flight I went to the counter and the lady there did not call out the gate had been changed. Once I inquired she laughed and then it was like someone hit her on the head and she went oh yeh... Then called it over the PA. At 2nd gate same thing except another passenger inquired and then with her loud voice announced it... Not the person at counter. Flight home oh good lord, people who took our seats were drunk and they were very loud and rude. Guy next to me was drunk and oh my very crude.... Flight attendants ignored the guy next to them and me about the behavior. I finally had to smack the guys hand off my leg and yes it was reported to the attendant who did nothing. Oh and I had tried to check a gun and the guy broke my case, my husband came to get gun and I was told I did not get my $ 35 back for the checked item??? Would like my money back for that one Worst flight and communication ever"

Pros: "The price."

Cons: "No drinks, no snacks, packed like sardines..."

Cons: "Yes they have the lowest fares. But, you pay anyway. The offer nothing! Carry on is more expensive than checked. $35 and $30 respectively. They don't even give you a 1/3 can of soda like other airlines do. Fly ALASKA. Free carry on and I'm pretty sure (not positive, but it seemed like) there's much more leg room for a standard ticket."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Everything but price"

Pros: "Never flying it again...Delays from Denver to Portland. No info on why. No people at the gate desk most of the time. One person had to answer questions, check people in, and check boarding passes all at the same time. The poor woman was doing the best she could. Ground crew seemed very lethargic..took for ever to do the luggage. It seems to me they could do a bit better since low FUEL prices have increased their profits so much"

Pros: "Nothing. No one was at counter to check us in an hour before boaeding."

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything. Frontier is the worst airline I've ever traveled on. Even worse than United somehow!"

Cons: "There are hidden costs (checked and carry on bags plus reserving a seat) which make frontier not as affordable as they appear. The seats are very uncomfortable and now they have no real tray tables anymore (except in the first 3 rows--which you can pay extra for). Additionally, the checked luggage has taken up to 30 mins to arrive on multiple occasions. Frontier has become a terrible airlines that cares more about their bottom line rather than sustaining the customers who are responsible for their bottom line."

Cons: "Because of "maintenance issues" with our first plane, we missed the second leg of our trip. Thus, my approximately 6-8 hour trip turned into a 36 hour trip! I was stuck in Denver overnight. We received no help from the staff on hand at the airport, and we were never told or updated at anytime. I will NEVER fly Frontier again, and I am telling all of my friends and family to heed my advice."

Pros: "All the employees were very friendly. Plane was clean."

Cons: "I was surprised that no bags were included and there were no complimentary snacks. I understand that those things are excluded to cut ticket prices, but by the time I paid for bags on both flights, I paid as much as I would have for a larger airline."

Cons: "My departing flight ended up being delayed for over three hours. I did not receive one single notification letting me know it would be delayed. Apparently Frontier's system went down. I understand that is out of their control. However, as I sat at the gate, I was not given a SINGLE update as to why or how long our flight was delayed. The gates next to us seemed to be getting updates about every 30 minutes. The flight was supposed to depart at 9:15pm and the FIRST update they announced was past midnight saying that there was a mechanic on the plane fixing a broken seat. We ended up leaving at 12:15 am. I did not get to my hotel in Portland until about 2 am. It was by far the most frustrating experience I've ever had with an airline. I've been a frequent flyer of all airlines for over 20 years....."

Cons: "It smelled awful the whole time. The air was so dry, it really irritated my throat."

Pros: "staff was good."

Cons: "all the extra expenses. ends up being as $ as delta"

Pros: "Friendly attendants"

Cons: "The seats dont lean back so no sleeping options during flight"

Pros: "Clean new airplane nice staff"

Pros: "Priority check in for veterans. But will not be using this airline after this trip."

Cons: "There is a charge for a carry-on luggage fee of $45 so I paid the $40 fee to check my baggage in. Arrived 3 hours before flight. The flight was delayed for 2 hours. Get to the destination with no transfers and my luggage is the only piece that doesn't make it! The baggage claim attendant was all nonchalant and informed me every bag in their history has ALWAYS showed up in a few days. I'm traveling for a weekend business I had to repurchase clothing and items and possibly another suitcase fot the return trip. I will not be using this airline in the future."

Pros: "I liked the price and the fact the flight was nonstop and relatively short."

Cons: "I rated the service poor because upon boarding the plane and sitting down, I noticed my 20 yo son somehow did not make it onto the plane. This became concerning when it became apparent that everyone had boarded and he still did not appear. I approached a flight attendant about it, letting her know that I was concerned that my son had not boarded. Her response (apparently because I was not hysterical) was "well you don't seem too concerned about it, so I won't be." I was very taken aback by this and ended up - with another flight attendant's permission - leaving the plane to find my son who it turned out was held up at the gate for a reason that was resolved."

Cons: "We were stuck on the plane for an hour after landing and luggage took another hour to get. Didn't leave the airport until after 1 am."

Pros: "Safely from point A to B. Didn't have a POS terminal at the lavatory, which will likely be next."

Cons: "Loss leader fare, $35 per checked bag, $40 per carry on, but mostly having paid apparently only for the privilege of standing in the aisle, to have to pay extra (anywhere from $13 to $50 per seat assignment) to sit with my loved ones rather than just random seating. Seats so tight, that don't even lean back, felt like one of those chickens in the trucks on the freeway. Doing the math, this fare was actually more expensive than choosing an airline that actually serves human beings. As stated above, at least we didn't die, but at such levels of "economy" I was not confident that we would even survive the trip, thinking that the the pilots must be of the same quality. Please use a more honest business model, until then, we will not use you again."

Pros: "Got through security without a long wait, the staff were all very pleasant and the flight was on time and reasonably comfy."

Cons: "Flight was delayed. I got 6 different emails with 6 different times. I called the frontier phone number to change to a different later flight. While they were willing to do so , I was told if ours did get cancelled we would be put on that flight probably anyway. I was told that staying with that flight I would be compensated with a voucher. I told him the gate agents said they didn't do vouchers. He insisted that they were going to die to the great inconvenience. We finally departed after a 3+ hour delay. Sure enough, NO vouchers, just a "sorry for the delay" as we got off the plane when our flight was done."

Pros: "The flight"

Cons: "The 7 hours delay travel delay was very frustrating ...not sure if I would fly Frontier a second time."

Pros: "Newer seats, so I guess that could be counted as a plus for this trip."

Cons: "Ticket counter person in PDX was very rude. Our seats were 'upgraded' for a red eye flight, behind one screaming baby for 75% of the flight, and another next to us that constantly was kicking us. The male air flight attendant enjoyed to hear himself talk so much, that between him and the amplified screaming baby, sleep was not possible. I asked for water, but since that was the only free thing, they were out of it and the male flight attendant sound get me some of their was time before we landed....that was 25 minutes into a 3 and a half hour flight. In his defense, I did get my water just before the plane started its descent. And the last point, girlfriend's brand new suitcase was covered in him when we picked it from baggage claim. Instead of just refunding us the baggage fee, no, we now have a claim open for Up to $50 to get it cleaned. Spend the extra $100 for ease of mind and fly a real airline."

Cons: "unexpected last minute fees , had to pay for my seat as well as a carry-on? I've never heard of that , so ridiculous. Had to spend an xtra $100 , not worth it."

Pros: "What I could hear of the captain, he was at least since guy."

Cons: "Worst airline ever. You nickel and dime us to death for every single thing, including just to sit on the plane and have a bag, and the new economy type seats with the tiny tray are very uncomfortable. The crews are rude and treat you like trash for not purchasing extra or applying for the stupid credit card. You can't hear captain announcements, rough flights and landings. Unexplained, multiple delays that inconvenience all the way around. TSA harasses you in front of everyone about even just having a regular size duffel bag. I can't even list everything. It was the worst flight experience I have ever had and I will never fly Frontier again."

Pros: "Friendliness of crew."

Cons: "Seats. So uncomfortable."

Pros: "The crew was friendly and the plane was clean."

Cons: "'Only Pay for what you Need!' This is the slogan where all the hidden fees lie. But what do you really need? A carry-on? Who doesn't need that? Well It's gonna be $60. A cold glass of water to hydrate during a 3 hour flight? $6. Oh yeah if you want a seat on the plane you already paid for, it's going to be $16-50. frontier ends up costing more than its competitors even after cutting every luxury on the plane to save its customers money. (Seats do not recline and no TVs). I think I'm seeing a trend in the reviews, Frontier. Stop being dumb. I will never fly with them again."

Cons: "Wasn't aware that Frontier does not participate in TSA pre-check. My fault for not researching more, but I almost missed my flight. Also the crew on the plane could have been more informative about procedures."

Cons: "they claim to have good air fares just to get you in. once you purchase a ticket they milk you for every possible reason to get as much money as they possibly can. for example if you dont pay for carryon (yes you hear me they charge for carryon) at the time you check in. they will charge you twice as much at the gate ($60 dollars!!!!). their seats are incredibly uncomfortable and do not recline. the guy at the counter wanted to charge me $40 because my bag was one pound overweight. thats enough for me. I am not using frontier ever again."

Pros: "it was great no issues"

Pros: "Exceeded expectations. Flight was on time. Boarding was smooth. Everyone was was professional, polite and cheerful"

Cons: "Pricing of add-ons"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "90 min takeoff delay 30 Minute Deboarding delay Charged for water? Charged for bags even carry ons"

Pros: "Flight attendants"

Cons: "Limited food selections & no entertainment/wifi"

Pros: "The flight was smooth and easy sailing"

Cons: "How crowded the plane was"

Cons: "Web site was not user friendly, customer service on phone was poor, the people did not understand me and were difficult to understand, gave me poor info"

Pros: "they charged me $55 4 one bag i felt ripper off"

Pros: "I liked that my flight was on time, boarding was organized and swift, the staff were friendly. I had a very short flight and most of the basics in customer service were met."

Cons: "Even though my flight was short, my pilot for the departing flight was a bit out of control for both departure and landing. There was no wind when I got to my destination which made me wonder why the pilot was so out of control with landing. I ended up vomiting on the plan before descending. (for my return flight I took Dramamine and the pilot made me feel safe so no troubles upon return) Also, I did not appreciate that if I needed water, I would have to purchase it. There are not many places in the USA where I HAVE to buy water if I need it."

Pros: "The lady at the counter of the pdx airport was amazing help. ES"

Cons: "The guy on the phone cancelled my entire trip when I called to make new arrangements because one of my layovers had gotten cancelled. I went to check in and was told I only had a plane ticket now for a different state. The crew working within spirit at the pdx airport was great but unfortunately I had way to many complications to ever be flying with spirit ever again. Not impressed:/"

Pros: "Polite crew members. With Spirit, I know what I am getting."

Pros: "Price point was very nice. Airplanes were new. Flight crew was nice, efficient, and enthusiastic."

Cons: "Seats are very tight and very thin. As a 6'4" person, I expect to be cramped in planes; however, I have never been able to feel the knees of the person behind me through the seat on other airlines. Trash in seat back pockets."

Pros: "It got me to my destination is the only positive thing I can think of to write."

Cons: "I disliked that if I didn't prebook my suitcases online ahead of time I'm charged a larger fee at the desk even when I'm a club member with the airline. Then I was told to pay my overage weight fee online and that isn't an option on the website. So when the person at the desk went to charge me she said it was $50 when if I'd have just paid for 2 suitcases online it would have been $10 cheaper. I also think it's crazy to charge customers for a cup of water on the flight especially one that's 3.5hours long. I get the airline is cheap and offers cheap flights but to nickel and dime customers for even water is crazy. The seats were also very very close tofether so that your knees are almost crammed into the person's seat in front of you. My husband use to be in the airborne unit in the military and said those flights with all his gear and no frils was more comfortable than this flight. I highly doubt we'll ever use spirit airlines again unless it's the only option or if it's under 1.5hrs to fly to my destination. I'm not sure I could endure must longer of a flight on their planes."

Pros: "Decent for the price you pay for the ticket alone. Imagine bare minimum as far as standards met."

Cons: "That they are not up front about paying an extra $10 to print the boarding pass in airport each way AND that I was not aware that you do not get a free personal item and carry-on. I had to pay an extra $50 each way for my carry-on (total $100 which was same amount for the ticket). I didn't budget for this and found out last minute. The other passengers didn't seem to follow the size restrictions as far as carry-on and in speaking with them, I don't believe they actually paid like I did. Could've saved that $100. Wow. I could've taken Jet Blue for the same price with free personal item and carry-on with free snack service AND movie."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "We were on a multi city trip when our flight on Spirit was cancelled. The only options were take the flight the next day, get a refund or a travel voucher for another flight. In reality none of these options were acceptable. We ended up having to take the flight the next day which required us to send additional monies for another hotel night and an additional day car rental. Spirit refused to absorb any of the additional costs involved in the delay.They also refused to try and rebook us on another airline to make our arrival at the next stop. Customer service is a complete joke. Spirit did not notify us of the cancellation. Our host at the hotel on our next stop notified us that the flight was cancelled as he received notification from the limo service. This was as we were driving to the airport for the flight that was cancelled. The nickel and dime approach to make up for the lower airfare was ridiculous and petty. We have not been treated so poorly by any airline in the past and we travel frequently."

Cons: "We had a medical emergency at the airport and had to go to the hospital and missed our flight. Our sons needed to go home. The attendant at the desk split the boarding pass and told us we could fly out the next day with a hospital release. I called Spirit to book for the next day and was told it takes 48 hours for approval. I told her we could not stay for two more days that we needed to get home so my husband could get additional medical attention and she said there was nothing she could do. Long story short- if anything goes wrong with your booking on this airline, in which everything is an additional cost, they will not help. We booked with another airline to get home. The Spirit experience was stressful and I would never fly with this airline again"

Cons: "I payed nearly twice the sticker price with all the hidden fees. What they don't tell you is that they charge for carryon and luggage, and are allowed to change those prices whenever and to whatever amount they want. They tried to make me pay to print my boarding pass, and both my flights were delayed one by 20 minutes, and the trip back by over an hour and a half. Both the planes I flew on were old and outdated and they don't even offer water without a price tag. Never going to fly with them again."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "I was charged $65 for my carry on, which I have never had to pay for in the past with Spirit. I was treated very poorly by the Spirit employees. I will not be flying on Spirit any more."

Cons: "The flight was delayed into LAX due to weather and I missed my connecting flight to MCI. The associates at the gate in LAX said there was nothing they could do and directed me to exit the airport and go to the front ticketing counter. When I approached the counter I was greeted with lackluster focus and no sense of urgency. The ticket agent told me to go wait 'outside' for 45-60 miniutes until a supervisor would return. I let them know this was not acceptable. One agent ignored my situation completely while the Jr agent attempted to assist me by making calls on her personal cell phone. They let me know they could get me home within 24-48 hours, but I would still need to talk to a supervisor. I informed them there were flights on other airlines that day, to which they said they could not help me and to book it myself if I wanted to fly home that day. On multiple occasions during our conversation the agents said 'they should have helped you in Seattle before your flight left.' At one point walking away from me. I stated 'well, that did not happen. I inquired in Seattle regarding the connection and the agents at the gate stated that 'every flight is delayed' from LAX and it won't be an issue'. I booked a flight with American and flew out that evening. I will never book with Spirit Airlines again. I will always use the airline sight first before booking through sites such as Kayak as well."

Pros: "nothing, i was already sick of the airline."

Cons: "charge 50 dollars for checked baggage. most checked baggage is around 50 pounds, but they do 40, so they charge an extra $30. When you get to the gate, they tell you one personal item, not one carry-on. that's $60 if you act now, $100 at the gate if they see you have two items. I had to put on multiple shirts and almost bust my back pack to show I had "one" No complementary beverages or snacks, unless you pay with credit card. No entertainment. Felt like sardines. What a joke. You should really have a FILTER button for the companies that charge baggage fees, carry on fees, food on board, etc. And make it DEFAULT, because seeing a price of $120 from SPIRIT vs $140 from DELTA, most people would choose to save $20. But then they get hit with $50 for the checked bag, and since it's 5 pounds over weight, They have to pay $80. $80 for a checked bag. So they take 5 pounds out, and hold it with them, to not incur the $30 charge. When they get to the gate, they are told to stuff everything into one bag, if they can't do it, they get charged another carry-on. $60-$100 dollars. This is a SHADY business. Please tell me you won't show them by DEFAULT!"

Pros: "Cancelled for weather but every other airlines was still flying into KC. Th y said they weren't flying out again until 3 days later. Never got any money back or miles."

Pros: "No problems at all, very impressed!"

Pros: "Cheap Practical Friendly staff"

Cons: "That wouldnt let us on the plane so we missed our flight"

Pros: "Worst experience ever! We are at a gate and they didn't take us."

Cons: "Worst experience ever. So many delays both ways."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "I went all the way though security to find out that (unlike Any other airlines) that i needed to physically print my tickets out so I needed to get out of line and go all the way to the kiosk (the farthest kiosk from security) to get my physical ticket then back through security. But while I was at the kiosk to get my physical ticket printed out the the worker was texting on her phone instead of helping the people out that are in line. I get through security and to my gate and I am getting on the plane for them to tell me I need to pay an extra $50 per person for carry on bags and they were very rude and not willing to help out at all. I told the girls at the gate that they were very rude and that I would be writing a review to their bosses and they told me that it doesn't matter and that they aren't going to do anything different for me."

Cons: "I was surprised to find out that the bag weight limit was only 40 lbs rather than the usual 50 lbs. I had to open up my back pack my carry on and my checked bag and reload everything at the check in counter. What a circus. The ridiculous part of this whole thing is that I still took the same amount of weight with me and all that was accomplished was to make me uncomfortable and make those behind me wait for the show to end. When I printed my boarding pass it said TSA PreCheck on it. I'm thinking, at least I get to take the short line and dont have to get the full TSA "treatment". Well the TSA lady tells me that Spirit doesn't do PreCheck. I pointed out to her that the boarding pass said I in fact did have a PreCheck pass. No go, had to leave that line and go get in the long line after discussing this with the TSA lady. Spirit, really? What a mess!!"

Pros: "Smooth flight, on time going there. Ahead of schedule on the way back."

Cons: "Ridiculous hidden fees, terribly uncomfortable seats....negative experience from beginning to end."

Cons: "flights was delayed there and back when was totally canceled for two days"

Pros: "On time and no problems."

Cons: "Not much room to lay back head to try to nap. Seats too upright. Late night flight would have been nice to nap."

Pros: "Boarding was alright, pretty quick and that's about it."

Cons: "Well let's start at the check in, so I got to an airport about 40 minutes before my boarding(usually what I do when I fly with Southwest), went on to check in my bag, once I got there the receptionist was extremely rude, as well as uneducated on the layout of the gates, as soon as my bag got checked in she threw it off the scale and told me to move on as soon as I asked her why she is being so aggressive with my baggage. Then when I was boarding there were no smiles by the crew, the seats were extremely uncomfortable, and I was waiting for a water for about 15 minutes asked a crew member again and she responded with "You are not the only passenger here, I will bring you your water once I'm done with other passengers" and for the 15 minutes I did not see her help a single customer. I am so disappointed in this flight that I am not flying with them back, instead I spent just a bit more and will fly out of Chicago with a different airline. Avoid spirit airlines at all costs!"

Cons: "It took them more than 5 hours to rebook us."

Pros: "The planes were clean."

Cons: "The rows of seats in the rear are too close for an average sized man. I'm 5'9" and my knees touched the seat in front of me. The Spirit pricing model puts all the burden and stress and uncertainty of travel on the traveler. I feel like mistakes could be very expensive. Website makes it impossible to talk to a human if you have questions or need to make changes. Website had a bug where I couldn't make a change without becoming a "member" and getting a login and password.... just what I need another thing to remember. Got errors when I tried just using my trip identifier that implied that the website had problems and that I should try again later."

Pros: "They charge u for everything. Even to talk to them. Bag fees are more then ticket to fly. Never again :( Lesson learned. Unfriendly people who work there tooooooo"

Cons: "They charge u for everything. Even to talk to them. Bag fees are more then ticket to fly. Never again :( Lesson learned. Unfriendly people who work there tooooooo"

Pros: "Nothing - awful experience. I will not use Spirit Airlines again."

Cons: "My flight was canceled a few hours before scheduled departure with no stated reason (I was notified via email). I could not get a real person on the line through Spirit Airlines automated customer service. I did end up getting a refund but had to purchase a flight through another airline to be able to leave as planned and not ruin my vacation."

Pros: "How quick the flight was to leave"

Cons: "Nothing. Casual flight"

Pros: "Fast service on board"

Cons: "Flight delayed, seems Spirit always has delays"

Pros: "Flight was smooth"

Cons: "The seats were tight. They charged everything, nothing is free anymore, even regular drinks"

Pros: "The crew was nice."

Cons: "The plan departure time changed three times...3 hour delay. Was at the aiport for 5 hours"

Pros: "We got there with no problems."

Cons: "I feel that it is quite shady that they charge for everything, even water. I'm mostly upset about the baggage fee. If we hadn't been warned about the charge ahead of time by a family member, we would have been charged $100 per bag each way. This is a horrible situation to put unsuspecting people in. I'm sure tons of people are caught unaware and charged this outlandish fee at the counter. At least give them the charge everyone else gets, not double. Very sneaky."

Pros: "Nothing!"

Cons: "Horrible customer service,"

Pros: "The price was great, and I am ok with having to purchase baggage and other stuff in advance, though charging $50 for a carry-on is a bit excessive. I would definitely consider using them again for very short flights (2 hours or less). Staff on the red eye was kinda cranky, but the return flight staff was friendly. Departure and Arrivals were right on for both flights and the pilot made sure to warn us of turbulence in advance."

Cons: "While I understand the concept of the "ala carte" method of traveling, it really was not clear that none of the seats actually recline at all! I will NEVER use Spirit for a "red eye" flight ever again (or any flight over 3 hours)! The amount of money saved wasn't worth what I have ended up spending in chiropractic care afterwards from having my back seize up on me from the uncomfortableness of those seats and trying to sleep sitting straight up! We decided to upgrade to an exit row for the flight home just to have some extra leg room, but still with no reclining of seats (the only 4 seats that recline were already taken)..... the comfort level was not there at all, other than at least our knees weren't bumping against the seat in front of us, like on the red-eye."

Pros: "cheap, convenient"

Cons: "late departure, they charge for water on the flight"

Pros: "The boarding process was easy and the seats are comfortable."

Cons: "I didn't know that it cost money to bring a carry on until i got the email asking if I wanted to check in (I had bought my ticket on kayak). That was an unexpected cost that I did not appreciate."

Pros: "Loved the low price and friendly crew. I came prepared with a small personal carry-on bag."

Cons: "Bring your own snacks and bottled water! And double check your bag size. Paying extra for assigned seat was well worth it."

Pros: "Love that spirit always on time and very smooth and quick flight"

Cons: "Need more leg space"

Cons: "In flight crew was fussy, nagging. Lots of you can't do... Didn't like everything having a price, even water and a snack."

Pros: "Good flight..friendly flight attendants."

Cons: "Would like free water"

Cons: "Spirit Airlines in by far the worst airline ever. I will never again use Spirit for future flights."

Cons: "Our flight got cancelled due to mechanica issues (not their fault) but then they had virtually no systems in place to deal with the situation. There was no dispersing of information on our options by the single present employee. We had to contact their corporate offices by phone which was a nightmare in itself, and even then they gave us the run around telling us we had to wait 36 hours for the next flight (although legally they are obligated to get us on a flight within 24 hours). You get what you pay for and these budget tickets came with budget customer service."

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