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Veda Taylor

This store replaced a failing store called International Foods. Not only is the space redone and clean, but it now offers a wider array of items.When you first walk into the store, a display of discount and seasonal items will be near the window. Beyond that youll find a large pet food section, which includes the services of dog groomers. This area also has a desk for a U-Haul rental service. The remainder of store is composed of a bulk cooking good section, including significantly lower prices on high quality flavor syrups for coffee, a produce section, wine/alcohol/liquor, international foods spanning from Russian cookies and borscht to Indian ready to eat meals. The frozen section contains anything from meat to veggie burgers to crepes.The bakery makes fresh rolls every day, as well as a regular assortment of cookies, cakes and pies. The deli contains cheeses and some harder to find meats, as well as old fashioned dill pickles.At the front of the store is a pretty cafe serving a wide variety of delicious Polish, German and even a bit of mixcan food. They often have samples of their sandwhiches, salads and soups, as well as their soft serve yogurt and gelato, which you can buy by the cup or in the handpacked case on an end cap. The quiche and empenadas are filling and delicious.In addition to all of this, the staff are friendly and warm. The only reason I took one star off is that the check out lines can sometimes be a bit long, when they are short handed.I highly recommend checking this place out. The owner owns two other stores, one in a different part of Washington and another in Alaska.


Koen Whitfield

Wow, Im surprised this place is still in business. Overall, the place looks like a bland store with some frills tacked on to make it look nice. Selection of International items is good, but American items are poor quality and over priced. If you do shop there, be certain to check expiration dates on products. They have a real problem old product on the shelves. The cafe is another story. The food is previously cooked and frozen, then reheated when you order it. I can eat leftovers at home, why should I pay restaurant prices for reheated food? Sandwiches are made fresh, but tend to be bland and boring. I will grant that the prices are reasonable, but.... The store feels like a hodge-podge of different ideas. almost like a flea market. Mattresses, pet store with grooming, restaurant, international foods, institutional foods; its like they cannot figure out what they want to be. Meh.


Jennifer Daniel

Bought a bag of dog food that was moldy and mildewy-took my return but come to find out it had been on the shelf longer than it was supposed to be. That is not the first time I have found something in their store expired-last time it was people food. I have given them to chances and on top of terrible customer service I will not be back. I recommend checking the dates as both your people and your petsrun the risk of getting sick due to low-QA and at times of dirty store. I have also had to walk away from the magic flavors counter because either no one came to help me or they ignored me to talk to each other. There are multiple other chains including a mud Bay in this neighborhood go somewhere where you can keep the people and animals that are important to you safe


Andrea Burrows

This new business is located in the old Valley Harvest store in the McLendon parking lot on the East hill of Kent. Theyre still in the process of adding more amenities, but I was amazed at what was there already.Produce - Beautiful and inexpensiveBeer selection - Great -also had wines and hard liquorStaples - I found things Ive been looking for for months...i.e. juniper berriesThey plan to add a scratch bakery, a deli and café soon. There also is a pet store located inside. I thought it might be odd, but its located just off the main aisle. Their inventory was very good, and had supplies for most household pets. I think I can get almost everything here instead of my usual trip to Winco. Plus, its closer! Cant wait to see how they do!


Apoxthesis St Cyr

Fantastic little grocery with terrific prices, (bag of avocados for a dollar?), samples of delicacies made in their modern and snazzy kitchen, pet food of all kinds (Like Mud Bay!) everything from Sake to Pocky to six different kinds of Spam, all with a homey, classy feel. Id drive 25 miles out of the way to this place and frequent it weekly. Its a cultural delight and not to be missed.


Brionna Pleasant

Love this place! It has a dollar store, pet store, grocery store, bakery, deli and they serve hot foods. Very clean bathrooms. They sell bulk items and things like mattresses etc. Well priced, lots of parking. All around great place!


M Proudlock

I I was very impressed by the selection of items at this store. The front counter lady, Eileen, was one of the most friendly customer service Representatives Ive ever met at the store and she was doing the place a great service.


Jessy DW

Products from all over the world, very good fresh produce, great menu selection in their restaurant. All at prices that will mot make a hole in your budget. One of my favorite stops for my weekly shopping.


Elizabeth Harris

Good deli with high quality meats and cheeses. Fresh baked baguettes and other international breads. Frozen, fresh and packaged foods from around the world, plus a little cafe and a pet store.


brooke shaw

Love that they have a pet area and they have some of the cutest thing Ive never been able to find anywhere else. I also love that they have a chocolate liqueur section as well.


Brett Lund

I love this place. The pizza from there cafe is so good and the fried chicken and biscuits. The staff is great they make you feel right at home.Top notch establishment!!!


Jana Vogelsang

Amazing selection of international foods; in the grocery section as well as the deli and their restaurant. A very welcoming and friendly shopping and dining experience.


Anthony Walp

Awesome staff and a really fine bakery and deli. They also have a well curated selection of international foods at excellent prices!


Scott Levine

International grocery with in house bakery, cafe, and pet store. Cheap options for lunch, 1.99 for a sandwich!


Elvis Ochoa

Huge selection of all kinds of ethnic food. Has craft beer, deli counter, HH, and so much more!


Lori Britton

They have a wide selection. Though fresh deli items are not cooked fully and salads rotten.


Nicole Fulwider

Love this store. I go here when ever I need milk. Love the candy and seaweed options.


Kate Matos

Staff was great! Also, specialty items, some great deals, and real milkshakes.


Daniel Predmore

Half of the items are Costco branded and cost much more than the Costco prices


Savath Khun

Place has sum good stuff... Im more for their great selection of asian snacks


roshan Af

All necessary things available with cheaper compare to other closed stores


Rick Rodarte

The staff are very friendly and found items you cant find at Fred Meyers


Arleigh Champ-Gibson

Huge selection of specialty items from all over the world.


JoAnne R Carneal

I love this place! Lots of different ethnic foods.


Gerald Renville

Friendly people and good prices on items.


Irene Storey

Got great help in the deli department.


Rueben Otero

So many great international products!


Denise Day

Great variety friendly employees


Ehsan Estiri

I love their breads


Paulla Bowman

Prices r Sooo low


Patti Turner

Love this place


Julie Spellacy


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