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Lewis & Clark

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Corn Maze 2020

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Lewis & Clark

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Event Calendar for 2022

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We are now CLOSED for our 2021 Fall Season. We can't wait to see you on the farm in 2022!



Come check out our exciting, new corn maze design this fall! This year’s " Lewis & Clark Expedition” design highlights the Corps of Discovery mission that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are known for exploring from August 1803 to September 1806. These American pioneers followed the Missouri River across much of their voyage and through what is today Kansas City and even Liberty, Missouri. Their expedition changed mapping of northwest America and expanded the geographical understanding of the Northwest. Through their journey and trades with Native Americans they acquired seeds from “Missouri hominy corn” also known to them as “Indian corn” which later became an excellent food source for many in the US. We are so thrilled to recognize Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition through our corn maze design!

With four large mazes to choose from, visitors can journey through Lewis and Clark’s head, or wind through the Native American for one heck of a good time. They can also enjoy a long hike through the trees, bushes, exploration boat, and Corp members to enjoy an amazing adventure filled with twists and turns. The possibilities are always endless at the Liberty Corn Maze! Don’t forget to let the little ones check out our rock, rope, tire and soybean mazes that offer the perfect challenge for the Lil' Sprouts in the family. Also, stop by our NEW irrigator pivot spider swings or let the little farmer explore on our NEW tractor farming simulator. With plenty of outdoor space to physical distance, families can have a ball this fall at the Liberty Corn Maze!

Important for this year:

  • We are committed to keeping you and your family safe while here at our corn maze. You can find our active COVID response below:
    • We have amped up our already rigorous cleaning procedures to help keep you safe.

    • Social distancing is encouraged throughout the farm.

    • Masks are not required, but are always welcomed.

    • You may purchase tickets ahead of time through our contactless checkout online.

    • We want to keep our farm as safe as possible, so if you have been around someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, have a fever, or other symptoms, please stay home.

  • Opening weekend (September 16th) will honor First Responders (police, firefighters, and EMTs) and military. These heroes will get one free admission with a valid service ID!
  • Check out our NEW Farming Tractor Simulator and Irrigation Pivot Spider Swings!
  • No outside food or drink allowed
  • All purses, backpacks, and bags are subject to being searched
  • Book a kampfire and enjoy roasted hotdogs or gooey smores! For entry into Hillbilly Kitchen and Kampfires, rentals must be completed in advance and admission into the Liberty Corn Maze IS required.
  • Grab a cold beer or glass of wine to enjoy on the farm!

Grain Drain Saloon &Beer Garden

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Come belly up to the bar at our

Grain Drain Saloon where guests can take a load off while enjoying one of our ice cold beers orcozy glasses of wine. Guests can also soak upthe beautiful fall weather while lounging outside in our beer garden or playing one of our favorite outdoor bar games.


* Admission into the Liberty Corn Maze is required for entrance into beer garden.

Kampfire Pits

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Come get cozy at our Hillbilly Kitchen and Kampfire space! Snuggle up next to your sweetie and enjoy a gooey s’more or warm hot dog while you watch the crisp beams of sparkles light up the starry skyline.Click on the kampfire picture above to reserveyourstoday!

* Admission into the Liberty Corn Maze is required to rent Kampfires.

FREE Concerts in 2021!

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On Saturday, September 18th, 2021 from 7:00-10:00pm come visit the farm to enjoy some outdoor, live music! You can enjoy the beautiful fall weather and take in the amazing sounds of local country band, The Trace. These high school friends have been making music together for over 20 years. Their homegrown music from the Heartland is a fun blend of rock and roll, country, folk and Americana. Enjoy one of our ice cold beers or sip on a cozy glass of wine while you take in all this concert and our farm has to offer!

** The concert is FREE, but admission into the Liberty Corn Maze is required for entrance into the concert.

On Friday, September 24th, 2021 from 7:00-10:00pm come to the farm to enjoy the musical stylings of the local band, North River Band. This high energy, country - rock band has impeccable acoustic music and unforgettable energy! It's sure to be one heck of a good time!

** The concert is FREE, but admission into the Liberty Corn Maze is required for entrance into the concert.

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On Friday, October 1st, 2021 from 7:00 pm -10:00 pm come sing and dance the night away with DJ Ringo’s Music and Karaoke Tracks. DJ Ringo is unique and memorable, his entertaining flair is sure to leave a smile on your face. Besides what better way to enjoy the fall weather than kicking up your boots and dancing on the farm? Come get your jam on with us; it's sure to be one heck of a good time!

** This entertainment is FREE, but admission into the Liberty Corn Maze is required for participation in this event.


The Liberty Corn Maze is a family owned agritourismbusiness that hasbeen in operationsince the fall of 2004. This mazeis comprised of a 50 inch wide trail cut out of a farmer's field of corn into an elaborate design. Using Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), the maze is cut with pin-point accuracy allowing an aerial viewer to see intricacies of the images and letters in the maze.

Throughout the maze there areseveral bridges that elevate each adventurer to thetop of the corn for additional excitement. From the top of the bridgesa birds-eye view of the maze can be seen, and if lost itallows maze playersto form a new strategy to get out or further into the maze.

There are eightdistinctmazes at the Liberty Corn Maze. A rope, rock, tireand soybean maze offer the perfect height and distance for theLil' Sprouts in thefamily. The large corn maze offers a total of four differentmazes, with varying lengths and difficulty, for those that are more adventurous. These trickier mazescome with amap andpunch card for the6 check points in each of the four large mazes. Each check point hasa unique hole punch to guide and assist with the journey. Thechallenge is to become a Maize Master and get all 6 punches in each maze attempted. Depending on your speed and ability to navigate the maze will determine the length of time it will take you to get through the maze(s).

Yes you could get lost, but we have Corn Helpers and spotters to help navigate those who might have gotten turned around.

As well as the mazes, we have an entertainment area with large tents for hosting group parties or corporate events as well as a playground area for smaller children. Contact us to book your private party or corporate event.We also have an on-site concession where you can purchase Pepsi products and othersnacks, flashlights, and more.


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Scared in Corn

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Grandma and baby in corn

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Couple on Bridge

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Inside the Maze

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