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Europe CapitalsSunrise Amsterdam: 08:23Sunrise Andorra: 08:00Sunrise Athens: 07:19Sunset Amsterdam: 16:33Sunset Andorra: 17:23Sunset Athens: 17:06Sunrise Belfast: 08:18Sunrise Belgrade: 06:52Sunrise Berlin: 07:50Sunset Belfast: 16:05Sunset Belgrade: 16:00Sunset Berlin: 15:58Sunrise Bratislava: 07:17Sunrise Brussels: 08:19Sunrise Bucharest: 07:28Sunset Bratislava: 16:01Sunset Brussels: 16:42Sunset Bucharest: 16:38Sunrise Budapest: 07:07Sunrise Busingen: 07:49Sunrise Chisinau: 07:25Sunset Budapest: 15:56Sunset Busingen: 16:37Sunset Chisinau: 16:18Sunrise Copenhagen: 08:10Sunrise Dublin: 08:13Sunrise Gibraltar: 08:11Sunset Copenhagen: 15:45Sunset Dublin: 16:13Sunset Gibraltar: 18:07Sunrise Guernsey: 07:41Sunrise Helsinki: 08:50Sunrise Isle_of_Man: 08:10Sunset Guernsey: 16:15Sunset Helsinki: 15:25Sunset Isle_of_Man: 16:01Sunrise Istanbul: 08:06Sunrise Jersey: 07:38Sunrise Kaliningrad: 08:33Sunset Istanbul: 17:37Sunset Jersey: 16:14Sunset Kaliningrad: 16:18Sunrise Kiev: 07:32Sunrise Lisbon: 07:33Sunrise Ljubljana: 07:20Sunset Kiev: 15:59Sunset Lisbon: 17:16Sunset Ljubljana: 16:19Sunrise London: 07:40Sunrise Luxembourg: 08:07Sunrise Madrid: 08:15Sunset London: 15:57Sunset Luxembourg: 16:39Sunset Madrid: 17:49Sunrise Malta: 06:51Sunrise Mariehamn: 09:10Sunrise Minsk: 09:00Sunset Malta: 16:49Sunset Mariehamn: 15:46Sunset Minsk: 16:55Sunrise Monaco: 07:41Sunrise Moscow: 08:30Sunrise Nicosia: 06:34Sunset Monaco: 16:55Sunset Moscow: 16:04Sunset Nicosia: 16:35Sunrise Oslo: 08:45Sunrise Paris: 08:19Sunrise Podgorica: 06:49Sunset Oslo: 15:24Sunset Paris: 16:58Sunset Podgorica: 16:12Sunrise Prague: 07:35Sunrise Riga: 08:31Sunrise Rome: 07:15Sunset Prague: 16:04Sunset Riga: 15:51Sunset Rome: 16:40Sunrise Samara: 08:26Sunrise San_Marino: 07:21Sunrise Sarajevo: 06:57Sunset Samara: 16:28Sunset San_Marino: 16:34Sunset Sarajevo: 16:11Sunrise Simferopol: 07:58Sunrise Skopje: 06:39Sunrise Sofia: 07:34Sunset Simferopol: 17:05Sunset Skopje: 16:04Sunset Sofia: 16:55Sunrise Stockholm: 08:11Sunrise Tallinn: 08:45Sunrise Tirane: 06:44Sunset Stockholm: 14:59Sunset Tallinn: 15:32Sunset Tirane: 16:13Sunrise Tiraspol: 07:22Sunrise Uzhgorod: 07:58Sunrise Vaduz: 07:44Sunset Tiraspol: 16:16Sunset Uzhgorod: 16:39Sunset Vaduz: 16:35Sunrise Vatican: 07:15Sunrise Vienna: 07:20Sunrise Vilnius: 08:13Sunset Vatican: 16:41Sunset Vienna: 16:04Sunset Vilnius: 16:00Sunrise Volgograd: 07:29Sunrise Warsaw: 07:18Sunrise Zagreb: 07:13Sunset Volgograd: 16:10Sunset Warsaw: 15:29Sunset Zagreb: 16:14Sunrise Zaporozhye: 07:04Sunrise Zurich: 07:48Sunset Zaporozhye: 15:50Sunset Zurich: 16:39


USA CitiesSunrise New York: Sunrise Los Angeles: Sunrise Chicago: Sunset New York: Sunset Los Angeles: Sunset Chicago: Sunrise Houston: Sunrise Philadelphia: Sunrise Phoenix: Sunset Houston: Sunset Philadelphia: Sunset Phoenix: Sunrise San Antonio: Sunrise San Diego: Sunrise Dallas: Sunset San Antonio: Sunset San Diego: Sunset Dallas: Sunrise San Jose: Sunrise Austin: Sunrise Indianapolis: Sunset San Jose: Sunset Austin: Sunset Indianapolis: Sunrise Jacksonville: Sunrise San Francisco: Sunrise Columbus: Sunset Jacksonville: Sunset San Francisco: Sunset Columbus: Sunrise Charlotte: Sunrise Fort Worth: Sunrise Detroit: Sunset Charlotte: Sunset Fort Worth: Sunset Detroit: Sunrise El Paso: Sunrise Memphis: Sunrise Seattle: Sunset El Paso: Sunset Memphis: Sunset Seattle: Sunrise Denver: Sunrise Washington: Sunrise Boston: Sunset Denver: Sunset Washington: Sunset Boston: Sunrise Nashville: Sunrise Baltimore: Sunrise Oklahoma City: Sunset Nashville: Sunset Baltimore: Sunset Oklahoma City: Sunrise Louisville: Sunrise Portland: Sunrise Las Vegas: Sunset Louisville: Sunset Portland: Sunset Las Vegas: Sunrise Milwaukee: Sunrise Albuquerque: Sunrise Tucson: Sunset Milwaukee: Sunset Albuquerque: Sunset Tucson: Sunrise Fresno: Sunrise Sacramento: Sunrise Long Beach: Sunset Fresno: Sunset Sacramento: Sunset Long Beach: Sunrise Kansas City: Sunrise Mesa: Sunrise Virginia Beach: Sunset Kansas City: Sunset Mesa: Sunset Virginia Beach: Sunrise Atlanta: Sunrise Colorado Springs: Sunrise Omaha: Sunset Atlanta: Sunset Colorado Springs: Sunset Omaha: Sunrise Raleigh: Sunrise Miami: Sunrise Oakland: Sunset Raleigh: Sunset Miami: Sunset Oakland: Sunrise Minneapolis: Sunrise Tulsa: Sunrise Cleveland: Sunset Minneapolis: Sunset Tulsa: Sunset Cleveland: Sunrise Wichita: Sunrise Arlington: Sunrise New Orleans: Sunset Wichita: Sunset Arlington: Sunset New Orleans: Sunrise Bakersfield: Sunrise Tampa: Sunrise Honolulu: Sunset Bakersfield: Sunset Tampa: Sunset Honolulu: Sunrise Aurora: Sunrise Anaheim: Sunrise Santa Ana: Sunset Aurora: Sunset Anaheim: Sunset Santa Ana: Sunrise St. Louis: Sunrise Riverside: Sunrise Corpus Christi: Sunset St. Louis: Sunset Riverside: Sunset Corpus Christi: Sunrise Lexington: Sunrise Pittsburgh: Sunrise Anchorage: Sunset Lexington: Sunset Pittsburgh: Sunset Anchorage: Sunrise Stockton: Sunrise Cincinnati: Sunrise Saint Paul: Sunset Stockton: Sunset Cincinnati: Sunset Saint Paul: Sunrise Toledo: Sunrise Greensboro: Sunrise Newark: Sunset Toledo: Sunset Greensboro: Sunset Newark: Sunrise Plano: Sunrise Henderson: Sunrise Lincoln: Sunset Plano: Sunset Henderson: Sunset Lincoln: Sunrise Buffalo: Sunrise Jersey City: Sunrise Chula Vista: Sunset Buffalo: Sunset Jersey City: Sunset Chula Vista: Sunrise Fort Wayne: Sunrise Orlando: Sunrise St. Petersburg: Sunset Fort Wayne: Sunset Orlando: Sunset St. Petersburg: Sunrise Chandler: Sunrise Laredo: Sunrise Norfolk: Sunset Chandler: Sunset Laredo: Sunset Norfolk: Sunrise Durham: Sunrise Madison: Sunrise Lubbock: Sunset Durham: Sunset Madison: Sunset Lubbock: Sunrise Irvine: Sunrise Winston–Salem: Sunrise Glendale: Sunset Irvine: Sunset Winston–Salem: Sunset Glendale: Sunrise Garland: Sunrise Hialeah: Sunrise Reno: Sunset Garland: Sunset Hialeah: Sunset Reno: Sunrise Chesapeake: Sunrise Gilbert: Sunrise Baton Rouge: Sunset Chesapeake: Sunset Gilbert: Sunset Baton Rouge: Sunrise Irving: Sunrise Scottsdale: Sunrise North Las Vegas: Sunset Irving: Sunset Scottsdale: Sunset North Las Vegas: Sunrise Fremont: Sunrise Boise: Sunrise Richmond: Sunset Fremont: Sunset Boise: Sunset Richmond: Sunrise San Bernardino: Sunrise Birmingham: Sunrise Spokane: Sunset San Bernardino: Sunset Birmingham: Sunset Spokane: Sunrise Rochester: Sunrise Des Moines: Sunrise Modesto: Sunset Rochester: Sunset Des Moines: Sunset Modesto: Sunrise Fayetteville: Sunrise Tacoma: Sunrise Oxnard: Sunset Fayetteville: Sunset Tacoma: Sunset Oxnard: Sunrise Fontana: Sunrise Columbus: Sunrise Montgomery: Sunset Fontana: Sunset Columbus: Sunset Montgomery: Sunrise Moreno Valley: Sunrise Shreveport: Sunrise Aurora: Sunset Moreno Valley: Sunset Shreveport: Sunset Aurora: Sunrise Yonkers: Sunrise Akron: Sunrise Huntington Beach: Sunset Yonkers: Sunset Akron: Sunset Huntington Beach: Sunrise Little Rock: Sunrise Augusta: Sunrise Amarillo: Sunset Little Rock: Sunset Augusta: Sunset Amarillo: Sunrise Glendale: Sunrise Mobile: Sunrise Grand Rapids: Sunset Glendale: Sunset Mobile: Sunset Grand Rapids: Sunrise Salt Lake City: Sunrise Tallahassee: Sunrise Huntsville: Sunset Salt Lake City: Sunset Tallahassee: Sunset Huntsville: Sunrise Grand Prairie: Sunrise Knoxville: Sunrise Worcester: Sunset Grand Prairie: Sunset Knoxville: Sunset Worcester: Sunrise Newport News: Sunrise Brownsville: Sunrise Overland Park: Sunset Newport News: Sunset Brownsville: Sunset Overland Park: Sunrise Santa Clarita: Sunrise Providence: Sunrise Garden Grove: Sunset Santa Clarita: Sunset Providence: Sunset Garden Grove: Sunrise Chattanooga: Sunrise Oceanside: Sunrise Jackson: Sunset Chattanooga: Sunset Oceanside: Sunset Jackson: Sunrise Fort Lauderdale: Sunrise Santa Rosa: Sunrise Rancho Cucamonga: Sunset Fort Lauderdale: Sunset Santa Rosa: Sunset Rancho Cucamonga: Sunrise Port St. Lucie: Sunrise Tempe: Sunrise Ontario: Sunset Port St. Lucie: Sunset Tempe: Sunset Ontario: Sunrise Vancouver: Sunrise Cape Coral: Sunrise Sioux Falls: Sunset Vancouver: Sunset Cape Coral: Sunset Sioux Falls: Sunrise Springfield: Sunrise Peoria: Sunrise Pembroke Pines: Sunset Springfield: Sunset Peoria: Sunset Pembroke Pines: Sunrise Elk Grove: Sunrise Salem: Sunrise Lancaster: Sunset Elk Grove: Sunset Salem: Sunset Lancaster: Sunrise Corona: Sunrise Eugene: Sunrise Palmdale: Sunset Corona: Sunset Eugene: Sunset Palmdale: Sunrise Salinas: Sunrise Springfield: Sunrise Pasadena: Sunset Salinas: Sunset Springfield: Sunset Pasadena: Sunrise Fort Collins: Sunrise Hayward: Sunrise Pomona: Sunset Fort Collins: Sunset Hayward: Sunset Pomona: Sunrise Cary: Sunrise Rockford: Sunrise Alexandria: Sunset Cary: Sunset Rockford: Sunset Alexandria: Sunrise Escondido: Sunrise McKinney: Sunrise Kansas City: Sunset Escondido: Sunset McKinney: Sunset Kansas City: Sunrise Joliet: Sunrise Sunnyvale: Sunrise Torrance: Sunset Joliet: Sunset Sunnyvale: Sunset Torrance: Sunrise Bridgeport: Sunrise Lakewood: Sunrise Hollywood: Sunset Bridgeport: Sunset Lakewood: Sunset Hollywood: Sunrise Paterson: Sunrise Naperville: Sunrise Syracuse: Sunset Paterson: Sunset Naperville: Sunset Syracuse: Sunrise Mesquite: Sunrise Dayton: Sunrise Savannah: Sunset Mesquite: Sunset Dayton: Sunset Savannah: Sunrise Clarksville: Sunrise Orange: Sunrise Pasadena: Sunset Clarksville: Sunset Orange: Sunset Pasadena: Sunrise Fullerton: Sunrise Killeen: Sunrise Frisco: Sunset Fullerton: Sunset Killeen: Sunset Frisco: Sunrise Hampton: Sunrise McAllen: Sunrise Warren: Sunset Hampton: Sunset McAllen: Sunset Warren: Sunrise Bellevue: Sunrise West Valley City: Sunrise Columbia: Sunset Bellevue: Sunset West Valley City: Sunset Columbia: Sunrise Olathe: Sunrise Sterling Heights: Sunrise New Haven: Sunset Olathe: Sunset Sterling Heights: Sunset New Haven: Sunrise Miramar: Sunrise Waco: Sunrise Thousand Oaks: Sunset Miramar: Sunset Waco: Sunset Thousand Oaks: Sunrise Cedar Rapids: Sunrise Charleston: Sunset Cedar Rapids: Sunset Charleston:

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