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The Kansas City Star i
Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1959

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ft ft THE KANSAS CITY STAR SAilKDAY JANUARY 10 1959 BANKER NEEDS SURGERY robbery victim suffers FRACTURED JAWS Jest G Boomer ot Kansas City Kansas Attacked Near His Home A Kansas City Kansas banker who was beaten and robbed last night near his h me will have to undergo surgery next week his physi cian said today The victim Jesse G Boomer 926 Ann avenue suffered fractures of both jaws The operation will involve wiring the jaws and repair of facial bones broken by Boomer's unidentified assail ant A Brain Concussion The physician attending Boomer at Providence hospital said the 74-y ar-old chairman of the board of the Guaranty State bank also suffered a brain concussion Boomer was admitted to the hospital last night Shortly after the attack and robbery within two doors of his home He was being interviewed today by detectives seeking additional information Boomer was dazed bv the blows He said he did not see or hear his attacker His W S POLLARD IS DEAD CHECK CASE DELAYED Masonic organization Inean-Tuumbfath°“- Hearing for Woman Held in offlcers named were: J Mil- FORMER FRISCO RAILROAD Investigation Is Continued ATTORNEY WAS 93 tie Arens of the home Mrs Katherine Koenlgsfeld Bonnots Mill Mo and Mrs Cecilia Lloovitz 927 as Mayor of Fayetteville Ark The Kansas City Kansas Reynolds Kansas Citv Kansas Fu- police COUrt hearing of Mrs 1 neral corvin mill tie at fl 3fl nVlnclr Louise Blackwell at 9 o'clock at St Anthony's i i aa j - Tm neral services will be at 8:30 o'clock - In IBvo Me Began une lerm Monday at the Reisinc chanei and Constance hurch°Bu°Ciai will be InMountl22' f 9231 Cottonwood drive held in connection immunity H i f Woman Held in winners named were: J MU-X Mo: Mrs Rose Hearing for Moman Held m Crabb gig 5 SUPER SPECIAL ington boulevard Kansas City' FRIED CHICKEN Kansas first vice-president Omar Jones Topeka second § vice-president: Robert Gosney 2519 North Forty-seventh ter- $ race Kansas City Kansas third vice president: E L Calvarv cemetery The rosarv will Lenexa be recited at 8 o'clock tomorrow ’ night at the chapel where the with an investigation into 3 HI William Stirman Pollard 93 tonight1 fnends after 6 bogus check racket was con- Alter Manhattan secretary years old a former member Capps--mtT vm7a Elizabeth tinued today until next Satur- and William Kollender Law- $ rence treasurer CAPPS— Mrs Viola of the legal staff of the Frisco capps S4 of 746 North sixty-sec- dav a it nnri tprrsrp Wvanrintte nrmntv and GRAVY 59c Served Eerr Sunday 10:4ft 4 M hi 9 PM FORUM I i railroad died last night at the died st nYeh t at11 stU W?zare ni Mrs Blackwell w as taken Law rence was selected as Ihome 8209 Belleview avenue 1 hoeoi tai into custody yesterday after site for the next meeting Mr Pollard began his law countv the last 37 years Her hus- she attempted to pick up 3U0 The new officers were m-practice in Fayetteville Ark iu6d ' M?Wc°PDSDea vts woddtueh” checks at the De Luxe Print- stalled by Ralph Graber Law-and joined the Frisco there as ters mus Gloria caoothe home ers 25 Funston road Fairfax rence past-president assisted 13 local attorney In 1910 he Arcadia Wyandotte countv: two Industrial district The ehectss bv Marion Smilev Clay Cen-I was transferred to the rail- sonLeroy r capps 3200 Hunter had been ordered printed by ter Judge c Clyde Myers of roads legal office here snd capos 3063 North Twelfth street a man who telephoned the the city court Kansas City had been a resident since that rh11rn fn-1IT ri'rHrbUHrr rnmnanv last Thursday A Kansas spoke I 1212 MAIN ST K c- CAFETERIA Thursday Funeral services win bTTTo company official became sus-:2ciockMr!lldav at the warmck- picious and notified police ITprle rVianel burial ty KA U -11 1 ‘ children: four ereat-erandchikiren Company time He retired in 1932 be- and two erFEt-ereat-£rrandchildrn cause of failing health DIES AT A BUS STOP Up was born in SDrmfield Eads chape! burial in MaDle Hill - - f n- ne was uorn in oprin0iieiu icemeterv The tarmIv wlll receive who waited for the woman Charles E Mo and moved to Fayette- friends after a o'clock Sunday ‘at Police are seeking the man ville as a child He attended cnapel - - 6 - the University of Arkansas and the Eastman i GLAZER — Mrs Ruth Glazer Chicago died early today in Chicago' College after an illness of a year She was v v iu a lifelong resident of Chicago She 1 oughkeepsie N Y then re- leaves her husband Melvin H Leath Apparently a Heart Victim Charles Elmore Leath 71 of 143 South Oxford Inter-Icity district collapsed and a former Kansas citian Intensive Search for Missing died apparently of a heart HEADQUARTERS for Silver China and Crystal : j uccarcs train a Kansas CITV ion walnut turned to Arkansas to practice Giazer law He once served a term as zer Susan511 Glazer and Stephen Man Planned Tomorrow attack today as he waited for mavoT of FsvAtfpvillp All of tiie homp Fin6ral maor ot rayeuevuie naving t will bp Monriflv in rrhirn A a motor bus at U S 24 and A CHURCH BUILT JUST AFTER THE CHICAGO FIRE IS RAZED BY FLAMES— This is the 87-year-old Sirred Hart Catholic church in Chicago burning last night It was erected a year after the famous fire of 1871 No services was being conducted when the fire started — ( Wirephoto) services will be Monday in Chicago Ava Mo Jan lOtAPV- been elected in 1896 and was Lowe-Mrs — Aita Lowe 76 of large-scale search for Dr J L inner road Independence a colonel on the staff of the Hammond ind formerly of inde- (prtrv aa uiii he ctaaeH tn- Mr Leath was a retired m a i w pendenee died yesterday at her vmii ue SloecQ lu — Arkansas governor home she was born in Nevada morrow lineman for Western Union Mr Pollard was founder and Mo a£d lived in area serial years before moving to Indiana m president of public water district No 7 which included his :home here until the territory w'as annexed by the city He Sheriff Don Souder has Telegraph company Hewas" 2?£TR£Towe was a member of called for several hundred vol- a member of the Mount W ash tne Keorgetnizea -Latter Dav Saint ai t k i e i b south crysier church she leaves unteers to appear at the court- mgton Metnodist enuren m -- - Washington Masonic 2 three daughters Mrs Edwin Gro- h()Use flt IQ o'clock tomorrow Mount ner Hammond: Mrs Irene Wayne Mount Prospect in and Mrs Ro- morning to receive instruc- lodge No 614 and the Com CAR FALLS ON A MAN irUARD J POTTS DIES was a member of the board of ! rsAdaK Marshal tions mercial Telegraph Union local rwIJ the Independence Boulevard j Mm and NeiiLevington About 100 Marine Corps re-No 23 wallet containing $25 or $30: Mechanic Critically Injured at and keys were taken a Garage‘ Find the Waliet A 22-year-old garage mech- got his first taste of the ad-ig32- The wallet was found this anic’ in-iured last night whenpeing bUsinesSn H 1 a daughter Mrs morning on Tenth street near a motor car slipped off a jack “e “?re m iyu8 as as Sarah Reiber Berkley Calif murning on ienin streei near sistant to Walter C Brvan' ccter Tr Tarv r atham Armstrong avenue one and was m critical condition today advertising manager of thelMcSer Okla three coiS’ Kansas City Journal In jns jss charlotte A Conrads SUITS sill95 JBb j&SF open Ml i J&W 1 1-545 ttxRnel Wool Slacks 39ft Tonroat 1995 Wool Imwr Sportcoats 139ft -larkets 395 Christian church His wife ence Matson Stureis S D: five servists from Springfield will leaves his wife Mrs Lois Mrs Louise Pollard died in one-half blocks from the seen at the General hospital I old Kansas City Journal In rh-rlnttV TcnnTari’s Sprague of the home TdauKr uer f nis L'ar was I°un° "erviC68Uwii of thp attack After it was Olio Ta0 RooH 49Q TirVii lain 'l ins IVIISS vritiriOii6 uonraas Mrs fieaa Brunivvell 53o3 ixall lTlircd in a dctOUT iust off Tuesday at oi me auacK Arier it uas Ulie Joe Keed Micni- 1910 he was associated with nd Miss riauciia A Conrads Mission a son Ralph Sprague hirrhxov - dependence processed for fingerprints san avenue was working ana Miss ciauaia a conraas 55i5 RoseWooci Mon: a steP!oa:ihlgh"ay 5 about 10 miles geM® iu- y §an avenue was wording iwith W'hom he made his home Frank Smith loos North Thirty- north nf Ava may call s ic and one great- — 7 Leath of the home a son Charles 3TtH TR00ST erandchild Graveside services wall take part and Will bring their Vernon Leath 624 West Twenty- 1 1 m m m a N p a p B V be at 2 o'clock Tuesdav at the At fourth Independence: a daughter — — Mound Grove cemeterv radio equipment- At least tWO Mrs Mary Ellen Jenkins 11201 EJI la PO-1 H&'jd — ’ irnlanp will hp ikpH East Sixth: three brothers Ike Hi Wm SPRAGUE - Ernie Sprague 61dlrPlaneS " 111 USeQ 1 Leath Lincoln Neb Edward B Buffalo Mo formerly ot Kansas City Kansas died today at the Baptist hOoptal Spnngfela Mo SlCldn He leaves ms wife Mrs Goldie bgr 26 Sprague of the home a daughter 5333 Nail trured Leath Lincoln Neb : Edward Dr Gentry retired Ava phy- Leath Atchison Kas and John disappeared Decern- LeieatLat°ilf‘ jffeVsontm"' id5 J R E 2 the wallet was returned to under the motor car at 11 Boomer The keys have not o'clock at the Spruce garage been found He suffered a head injury and Some of the keys open had not regained conscious-doors at the bank at Tenth ness street and Minnesota avenue His employer Ralph Leo A police officer spent the Davis who operates a shop on night in the bank while locks a sub-lease basis said he did were changed not see the accident but John J Theroff chief of heard Reed cry out as the car police assigned officers to fell He said Reed was pinned canvass the neighborhood to under the car and it was nec-determine if anyone had ob essary to use the jack to free served suspicious characters him just before and after 8 o'clock Attempts were being made the time of the attack through the sheriff's office to- day to notify the victim's parents Mr and Mrs Wallace Reed who live near Mount Holly Ark There is no tele-: phone at the home MESSAGE SEEN ON PARTY LINE and Mrs Clementine Fisher 704 West Eighty-sixth terrace: a grandson and two great-I grandsons MRS E C SLYKER: Angie Leath Jeffersonville Ind His Car was found and four grandchildren Funeral -- services will be held at 1 o'clock detOUr just olt Tuesday at the Carson chapel In- Burial will be in Cak Memory Gardens Friends north of Ava I may call at the chapel after 10 eighth iveinocis City ransas a I o’clock Sunday sister Mrs Gladys Hendricks Buf- nnn falo and six brothers Everett SEARCH FOR GUNMEN bprague 2-30 Latnrop Arlev rUn UUIlmtlY Sprague 434 Armstrong and Al- -- L : bert Sprague 1324 Greeley all of California Officers Seek Two Kansas City Kansas Lonnie U-M e-i Sprague Phillipsburg Mo and Who Hed family Vernal Sprague and Burley T y n t- Sprague both of Buffalo Funeral' LOS Angeles Jan lOlAP) Richard J Potts FAVOR FIRST-CLASS CITY the Horn Baker Advertising -— — Company here as a writer Mission Twp Board Approves Typical of the experiences race Hickman Mills: a son Joseph XT Clttlzev U’art Ci vtvf Monday It‘l the JonJf tapem Tw0 y°UnS desperadoes Who Buffalo and at 1:30 o’clock Tues- held a family hostage six j day at the Fulton chapel Kansas f city Kansas w'here the family hours and then donned sailor Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Sly- CndntgunliiU oo unif0rms to slip through a ker 57 head cashier at Roth- the Highland Pan cemetery police blockade were still at schild's and treasurer of the thomas— -John m Thomas 92 large today store's credit union died last diedafitodivt theehomeenHe The search for the two gun- f night at St Mary's hospital1 was born m Gaiatan valley Mont men spread through Southern where she hsd been a patient xcomas was a retired farmer "he California after it became three weeks She had been em- was rmber the bRem-KasniMd!clear they had escaped from ployed by the firm 25 years church He leaves three daughters 300 police officers making a Mrs- Slyker was born in P‘Fari cutsha?in' Biueirsprins' house-to-house search through Johnson County and had lived andMrsLuia Young v Mamviiie a square-mile section of sub-here 50 years She was a mem Thomas Creighton Mo John w urban Anaheim her of the Ruskin Heights maam4e°80 The officers were called in Presbyterian church ihome: a brother Charles Thomas from a dozen neighboring $4 1100 MAIN— HA 1-7680 ALL OF YOUR “ "CAMPING NEEDS- n Day or Weekly Rotes a BARGAIN CITY ® 87th and Troost 'AeiKUA - M tr J- join SOW! ! HELZBERG'3 jt DIAMOND INVESTMENT CLUB FULL SOLES 3S99 With RUBBER HEELS A Pt DELUXE Lannat u 4 ijt y 01 ttnesi 3?tW-6oltim©re 2Qth Swift ( NKC 9 o4th-Wornoll 921 Minn Avt 63rdTro03t Linwood 761V Metfolt oH Troost CLOTH COATS is"1 ITH 33c IF jaer-t -mk: PrcoDsed Leaislation nf thnccwhnramp tnlriKt thpW' Slvker 7514 West Sixty-fourth Funeral services for Miss Mar- night after a gunfight with a rreposea Lsgmanon ot IHOSe wno Came 10 trust tne street Overland Park: a daughter saret Considme who died Thur-- Mrs Kathryn McGee 8900 Grand- day at a convalescent home at policeman Who tried tO arrest view road two sisters Mrs R MJ5331 Highland avenue will be attim -cen l i ri c tnro Kincheloe 5511 Beverlv avenue 6:30 o'clock Monday morning at LIielil d vou uquui siuifc Mission and Mrs Nell Mever 3426 the Little Sisters chapel Miss Con- holdup Virginia avenue and se'en grand- sidine was a lifelong resident of Kansas City She was a member of (Continued From First Page ) received details of the budget for the year starting next an example Cannon ld'-ould ” Misli'an urba he had information that school !to''nJhlP t0rjJ"C0J?°rlep!" “J tawa Kas president of a steel officials and some farm group ' ? products company there leaders have been “tipped" proved by the township board that funds available for educa-Robert Sweitzer chairman tion and farm programs in 1e township advisory com-the coming year will be cutmHJee’ reported last night baclj The bill will be introduced “The result’’ he said “is at this session of the Legisla- that members of Congress are ture' pertains to all urban " dvertisins in thp nroD- 11 tnwnchinc in thp statp Town- Piace advertising in tne prop- Ktlp ioVPK ipr Vmchand Frncit Pittsburg Kas: 30 grandchildren C Slvker of the home 7101 East and 76 great-grandchildren communities when the two one Hundred Eleventh street ter- Rites for Miss Considlne lyouths vanished Thursday ROYAL' Warner suffering from competition of larger firms in children Funeral services will bp at Our Lady of Perpetual T- 7 5eivites wm ue a Cathol1c church £he leaves 3:30 O clock Monday at the ter Mrs Mary Grooms and a 8h?p STILL SEEK MORRIS CLUES Newcomer chapel Burial will of 46i7 Forest i-ri iviifc avx ti v vjritjtjiiie cnxu a m n i a niece Mrs John Retchford both Salisbury Residents Are Ques- rou CAN PUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN A CROWN CROWN DRUG STORES LAUNDRY & CLEANERS ft 3717 Br'rtway fllll BrooksMe FI I 8317 Worn all Rd 5410 Johnson I PRICES GOOD I HR I JA3L JO I Jewelry Repairing REEN JEWE LP V C O 1010 Wolnut 5t It c 6 Mo VI 2-4191 the production of his wire hog be in Forest Hill cemetery fences developed a log saw LOREN M BROWN RITES Stopping off in Kansas City The Service$ wij Be Held at he was advised by Potts to 230 o-cock Sunday tioned by Sheriff FI NERAL SERVICES Mrs Emma Cockrill Jack 94 of I 632 East Sixty-sixth at 2 o’clock r T Sunday at the Newcomer chapel: Sheriff Cleve Iman questioned cremation :more than 20 residents of Sal- Robert Hale Singleton 64 Smith- js-hiirv Mn in hie nfficn vet I ville at 2:30 o'clock Sunday at the 1SDUTy 1V10 in niS OITlCe V es receiving compleinls alreadv townships in toe slate Tosvn mefjia anf le 0- saw suc Funeral services for Loren iicComas 'chlinT in sm’ithviliV terday seeking additional clues The lobbyists presumably have ?di K ceeded “ a result Warner re- Mitchell Brown 18 years old SK ’iL'iSlTM'nY0 in the Conner W Morris mur- relayed their leaked informa- clas cties ould adopt e r majned a ciien(- for 40 years jLake Lotawana will be held chapel after 5 o’clock today qei case to community leaders a mayor-council or a mayor- In recent yearg he wgs ac'at 2:30 o'clock Sunday at the I AN AREA MIS SWN MEET Iman 17-JEWEL WATERPROOF SI6‘ jv With Expnw-ien Band lino firanri — Hi 14 I'roost BIm lUdce 1 entpr leaders a mayor-council or a mayor-rh"lnJUr"tare complaining counc-manager form of gov-q-1 campaigns to raise Langsford chapel in Lee’s to Congress minimum needed funds for the nation’s Summit Burial will be in the I s an intolerable tua- ttwn reach ng a minimum universities and Lee's Summit cemetery tion Cannon commented population of 20000 resi-' ® 1 “when lobbyists and pressure dents the township could peti-groups can find out budget de- tion the governor to declare it tails before the information is a first-class city available to Congress which Presently Mission urban must pass upon them” Itownship has a population of — nearly 30000 persons making LOOTS A TAVERN it the largest single governmental entity in Johnson Man With Automatic With $1155 Flees County said no concrete t leads were forthcoming He Clav-Platte Baptist I mon Ses- ® m said he plans to take two or cmt-i I HDcHnv sion Tuesday mm SIMPS°N CL°THES Custom Clothes Sale MILT BALDRIDGE 1)08 GRAND AVENUE Three persons to Jefferson The Clay-Platte Baptist asso- City next week for lie detec- appeared as a luncheon speak- The youth a student at er in behalf of the Advertising l Central Missouri State college council sponsor of the effort ! Warrensburg died soon after Headed Charity Drive jhe was found yesterday inside He served in the late 1930s the family motor car A hose as vice-chairman of the city’s from the exhaust led into the'conference and a mission clin- Charities campaign and later car parked near the home ie there will be a sack iunch-as publicity chairman of the The boy also leaves a eon Mrs T J Smith presi- inS trip annual drive He was a mem- sister Susan Brown of the dent Mrs Leland Smith mis- ber of the Kansas City Club home the paternal grand jsion study chairman will be the Mission Hills Country club parents Mr and Mrs L V m charge rea Man Is Installed by High and the Advertising and Sales Brown 108 West Sixty-eighth j — Twelve Group Executives club of which he street and the maternal grand- SHIP ARRI ALS tor tests Morris a Kansas City steelworker was found dead in a field near Salisbury Christmas day He had left home the previous weekend on a hunt- PAY CASH PAY LESS BUY PENNEY ’S TOWNCRAFT®: Penney shoes all th family in Sanitized® footwearl Take Advantage of Our Januar) Sales! child A A thin shabbily-dressed GIRL BEATEN TO DEATH man brandishing a small auto- matic took $1155 in a holdup Intruder Slugs Two Other early today at the Canteen Children and Babysitter bar 21 East Twenty-fourth Minneapolis Jan 10 (API— street 12-year-old girl was savagely The bandit entered the tav- slugged to death and two ern at 2 0 clock according to younger girls were left criti- -0beiu for(l cally wounded today by an ny on hunting and firearms 8210 East Eightieth street ter- assailant who invaded theii and in years past an enthusi- q w-ho was stricken with en race Ford his wife and a por- South Side home astlC golfer and y ’ n stricken witn enter Robert Vaughn 2017 Within two hours police ar- bridge Dlaver TT Washing on street were pre- rested a man who Charles Besides W wife T New York — Excalibur Genoa: J O S e p n 1 n 6 President Adams Leghorn: North-i(AP) western Victory Southampton: Fort Dauphin Havre Trolleholm Gotebore: Reinholt Antwerp Black Condor Rotterdam Manhattan Kas Jan 10 The Kansas Association eso Minnesota of High Twelve Clubs installed new officers last night J Chester Long Manhattan BAKERS SHOES 1010 MAIN 1122 WAINUT ST 3116 TROOST AVE KANSAS CITY KAS Shoo lor Fashion TltoPftCac? ’ 2TH GRAND PRAIRIE VILLAGE NORTH KANSAS CITY A Newcomer's Memorial mav be finnred on budppt terms— Ad v W3S PlGCtGQ prGSIQGnt of tnG Miiiiit mioi ro IOIO MIAMI paring to leave Wetherille detective inspec- The thief was described as tor said was indentified as being about 25 to 30 years the attacker by one of the girls Mrs Thomas G Corbin Lin-old 6 feet tall but weighing and by a 15-year-old baby- coin Air Force base Omaha only about 140 to 150 pounds sitter a brother Wallace Potts Fort f?ne C Lawrentiew of 1933 Mr and Mrs Ford and Held without charge was Lauderdale Fla a sister Mrs Forty-seventh street Vaughn were ordered into a Glenn R Holscher 25 Minne- Edna Toka St Louis and Kan?as City- Kansas the boy stockroom then Ford was apolis a commercial artist seven grandchildren was a secon(I grade pupil at forced to show the man where Holscher denied any knowl-: — — money was hidden in a cigar edge of the attacks ! TOGETHER 60 YEARS box in the kitchen and was Killed was ordered to open a safe under 12 She died in a hospital a bar in the back of the tav- nearly three hours after the ern The mar also took two beating apparently inflicted revolvers by a pistol Patricia Gross Mr and Mrs W F McKeon patient at the medical center since November 2 Plan Open House Besides his parents he leaves Mr and Mrs William Fran- also a sister Louise Lawrentiew and two brothers Paul Daniel CIS McKeon Ot 4U8U Oak Street Lawrentiew and Edward Allen will rplphratp thpir With u-prl I Lawrentiew botb of the home Ford said the loss of the In a critical condition with d anmversarv lms week skull fractures were Patricia s Tftev were marrled Janu g° K”' sister Colleen 8 and Beulan1 1 Gully 7 the daughter of a woman friend of the Gross money is insured ROB JEWELRY STORE Loss at 1214 McGee Estimated at $500 A burglary at the Frederick Jewelry company 1214 Me-' childrens mother Mrs Irene Gross a divorcee - r — IKE RESTS AT LODGE Gee street resulted last night Thurmont Mq Jan lOlAP) fnk Kas ALLEN -Mrs Nora Maude Allen 81 of 10223 Johnson drive Shaw- nee died last nieht at the home An Open house Will be held after an illness of three weeks trnm X nn'il h n rlnek Simrlav shp was born ln Kearney and had I rom o UITtll o O Clock ounaas lived in Avondale and Trimble iafternoon at the home Mo before movine to Shawnee 15 years aeo She was a member of I he MCKeons moved from the Methodist church Mrs Allen fc: m jfcM- wm W&y mm ill STORE W IDE JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE Now in progress! DIA3AXTS 1121 WALNUT Macy‘s Downtown and Mission BA 1-3737 m HELP WANTED TAILOR-FITTER Good solar1 T BONDS oed other benefits— ermanest— Blue Ridge Cen Store CALL FL 6 1156 to Kuncdc leaves two dauchters Mrs Hazel tu ridusds Walters Fairview Mo and Mr? in the loss of about $50 m jew -President Esenmwer rested Clty n 1917’ Tey then spent orace stcii Dallas Tex: a son I- I c i -i m -men of the home a siBterl rlrj- pen and pencil sets and toda: at his mountain 31 M ko “a &SVSU- reiurnea nere years afeo tjraadchlldren Funerai services Mr McKeon nas been a super- win be at 10 o'clock Monda?- at Uivor tor T CamnhPlI Inr nf 'h' Arros chapel in Shavnee and' ISOr lor I Lampoeil inc OI eraveside service? at 12:30 o'clock watch bands and $5 in change The President and Mrs Eisen police said hower arrived at Camp David Paul A Frederick 3925 yesterday Briarcliff road North the ' owner told police the store REJECTS MEXICAN NOTE closed at 5 o’clock A patrol- Guatemala Jan 10 (AP) — man making a routine check Guatemala has turned down d Wilson Baton Rouee La and afte a lone nines? He had ir-ed before 9 o’clock found the Mexico’s request for the re ftp LtheSacoiiUof' st front door forced open : lease of several in Mount Olivet cemeterv in nev Thft coupl has four daughters Mrs H S Weisslneer 7424 Midi- ARENS- Herman J Aren? 76 of son avenue Mrs C D Johnson 39 Ohio Kan?a- it’ Kinsa’ ri’ed Calzatv Alberta Canada Mrs E today at St Mar'aret's hospital Mexican Tere?: three sons W J McKeon ' I w 44 West Greeorv boulevard E L — — — — — SliTimp DOatS and their McKeon Tulsa and C M Mc- Dlrect: Inexpensive Use Star p Keon Parkvllle: 10 g’-andchlldren Want Afls Dial BA 1-5500 — Adv i a land il ereat-grandchildren in Kansas Citv Kansas the last 45 vears He had been emrloved a? Procter & Gamble Co about 3o! ear? before he retired in 1946 Mr Arens was a member of St Anthony'? Catholic church and the Holv Name society there He les'-es You always know the news when you work where its easy to meet friends at lunchtime or after work DOWNTOWN READY TO EAT BARBLCUtD $1 23 CHICKENS Only i PIZZA PIES— 49c & 9?c WOOL WORTH'S 1 107 MAIN K C MO I nnrFRT mai i i: ROBERT HALL OPEN SUNDAY m Wm if i jio A M to 6 P M5 5 For Your Shopping Convenlencs Januarv ui 1559 Vol 79 No 115 I Kansas Citv ntat verv ornini 'Nenirik and unaa suDKcription rate thirteen issue week deliverer! rar-rer ! "nsa 'itv 4 ft entv j week SI yft a rrnnfi osv nc more &x mail D'Saee oreoaia 'n lisooun mo kansas Sf rents a weep e ewnere ri the (Mate and Uniter state Kisessions 60 i Tent:- a week n foreign ountnes SI OO la Momma anr sundav or evening and sunrtav m Kansas ”it 0 cent? a week in -thei tones ft ent a wek les t?ian frv morriOB -veninp and Sun- dav Entered ac serond clasF matter at itfte o tnff i p Kansas dtv Jo under the art or March 3 1879 Public- on office Grand 'venue (anT ntv READ AtfD USE STAR WANT ADa I v ¥

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