You've Got to Check out These Year-Round Christmas Stores Across the Country (2022)

While holiday decorations are finding their way into stores earlier and earlier, if you’re someone who can't wait to start decking the halls with Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, wreaths, and other festive finds, there's no such thing as "too soon" to start holiday shopping. Luckily, there are year-round Christmas stores.

The only problem is, there aren’t a ton from which to choose. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any; rather, you’ll likely need to go out of your way to shop at one in person. (Because let’s be honest: Seeing garlands, ornaments and pre-lit Christmas trees in real life is much more magical than scrolling through them online.) That said, if you’re willing to make the trek—or have the good luck of having one located near you—you’re in for a treat, because we’ve found the twelve best year-round Christmas stores in the U.S. to stock up at just about any day of the year. So whether you live nearby or you’re looking to plan a merry little road trip, be sure to add visiting these stores to your Christmas bucket list.

1The Incredible Christmas Place

This Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, shop, billed as the largest Christmas store in the South, features 43,000-square-feet of ornaments, holiday collectibles, Christmas trees, and more. The store hosts an annual Incredible Christmas Celebration and Tree Lighting with Christmas carolers, hot chocolate, free door prizes and, of course, a visit with Santa Claus.

Learn more about The Incredible Christmas Place.

2City Lights Collectibles

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City Lights

Over the course of more than two decades, City Lights Collectibles in San Diego, California, has grown from a small shop of 1,000 square feet and two product lines to a storefront of more than 28,000 square feet—but it has remained a family-run business at its heart. Stop by to shop classic collectible lines like Department 56 and Annalee, or visit their extensive online site to peruse their collections digitally.

Learn more about City Lights Collectibles.

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3The Christmas Haus

With shops in both New Oxford and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, The Christmas Haus specializes in authentic German Christmas decorations (they also have a second location in Gettysburg, PA!). From German Christmas smokers and nutcrackers to pyramids and papier mâchè Belznickles, the shop carries wide range of stunning Christmas decorations and is worth a road trip, as it's conveniently situated in an area known as the "Antiques Capital of Central Pennsylvania."

Learn more about The Christmas Haus.

4Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland

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Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

This superstore based in Frankenmuth, Michigan, is a sight to behold. First and foremost, the pure history of it is something quite special, as they’ve been making spirits bright since their opening in 1945. Second, every square inch of the 2.2-acre showroom is filled with trees, garland, ornaments, and knickknacks galore. What’s more, the Bronner’s website features over 50,000 decorations and gifts for “all season, reasons, and budgets.” As such, it shouldn’t surprise you that the real-life Christmas wonderland greets not thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but millions of shoppers each year.

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Learn more about Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.

5The Christmas Sleigh

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The Christmas Sleigh

If you find yourself in Middleburg, Virginia, make sure to stop by this European-inspired Christmas shop. From cuckoo clocks and German music to decorative plates and nesting dolls, they have it all. What really sets the store apart is that the owners add to the inventory practically every day. If they find an intriguing European Christmas decoration, you better believe they want it stocked on their shelves. Best of all, it’s open seven days a week, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Learn more about The Christmas Sleigh.

6Decorator's Warehouse

You'll find everything you need to deck the halls year-round at this 60,000-square-foot Arlington, Texas, store, billed as the largest in the state. Decorator's Warehouse makes it easy to create a cohesive holiday look thanks to themed holiday collections, and they also provide online tutorials as well as in-store workshops throughout the year. Shoppers can also stop for a sweet treat of pie and hot cocoa at Dasher's Pie Co.

Learn more about Decorator's Warehouse.

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7The Christmas Palace

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The Christmas Palace

Traveling to Miami this year? Then you'll definitely want to make time to visit this south Florida staple. What started as a seasonal business grew into a year-round establishment, thanks to its reputation for tastefully curated Christmas decor. Whether you’re in the market for a slim, narrow, or full tree; ornaments, toppers, or skirts; nutcrackers, elves, or angels; stockings, candles, or lanterns —The Christmas Palace (which is also fully stocked online) has you covered.

Learn more about The Christmas Palace.

8Always Christmas

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Always Christmas

If you’re like us, you wish it could always be Christmas, which means this store, based in Hiawassee, Georgia, is right up our alley. While beautifully decorated trees, twinkling lights, thousands of ornaments, and downright adorable decorations are at the forefront of the charming boutique, shoppers can also find seasonal gifts for any occasion.

Learn more about Always Christmas.

9Robert Moore Christmas Town

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Robert Moore & Co. Christmas Town

There’s a reason why this must-visit shop has "town" in its name. The massive store space (which first opened as a small gift shop and florist in 1976) now spans 18 acres and 35,000 square feet. It features an array of what the owners excitedly refer to as “Everything Christmas.” Think: ornaments, lights, stockings, trees, village collectibles, and more. And luckily for those that can’t travel to the Mobile, Alabama-based store, the inventory is now available online too.

Learn more about Robert Moore Christmas Town.

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10Snow and Ice Christmas and Gift Store

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Snow and Ice Christmas and Gift Store

Located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, this year-round Christmas store not only sells every ornament you could possibly imagine for your tree (plus yard ornaments, poinsettias, flags, and more), but four-season décor to ensure your home looks joyful all year long. What’s more, you can enjoy ice cream while you shop, as their Two Scoops Ice Cream Parlor is at the same location, offering 48 flavors of ice cream and homemade cones.

Learn more about Snow and Ice Christmas and Gift Store.

11Tis the Season

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Tis the Season

Deemed Ohio’s largest year-round Christmas shoppe, this 20,000-square foot Millersburg-based store promises to have everything you could possibly need to create the Christmas of your dreams. From traditional pre-lit trees and red and green ornaments to unique décor and holiday gifts, you simply can’t go wrong with this midwestern gem. Just know that it’s closed on Sundays if you’re planning to make a trip.

Learn more about Tis the Season.

12Old World Accents

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Old World Accents

Richmond, Virginia’s Cary Street is renowned for a number of reasons, but none quite match that of Old World Accents. The small, family-owned Christmas store, which opened in 1996, has been a staple among the ever-changing retail strip, calling Christmas lovers from near and far. While they sell a variety of ornaments and trinkets, they’re best known for their German nutcrackers (one of which stands out front of the store to greet each and every guest). Can’t make it to Carytown? No worries, you can shop their inventory online, too.

Learn more about Old World Accents.

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Where is the biggest Christmas store in the USA? ›

Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI

Over 2 million people visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland each year, and with good reason: it's the largest Christmas store in the world.

How do you use Christmas decorations year round? ›

So for a look that works year-round, separate this traditional Christmas color palette after the holidays. For instance, bring your green throw pillows together with your red throw blanket for Christmastime, but then use them in separate spaces for the rest of the year.

Where is it Christmas all year round? ›

Frankenmuth, Mich.

Home of the world's largest Christmas store, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth goes all out across town for the holiday itself — but the spirit lives on year-round at this massive retail center.

What state has the world's largest Christmas store? ›

If you're sick of Christmas shopping, then Bronner's probably isn't the place for you. The shop, which is spread over a whopping 27 acres, is the world's largest Christmas store.


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